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Monday, 19 October 2015

Sunday afternoon

We had Sunday lunch out just on the edge of Fareham creek
 It was much brighter than shown here
The water calm, loads of swans and other birds.
This is tidal so we were lucky not to be looking out onto mud
 New Place, Shirrell Heath, I love these gates
 Such a beautiful building, I love red bricks
perfect for a wedding
 From the back courtyard
The hotel is stunning and the grounds huge and lovely. Every thing is booked, just menu's to be sorted, out side of Fareham, a nice country location.
Su will pop in later this week and sort of the final printing for the invitations, I have to make templates and cut all the different sized cards. Other than the printing I have everything we require, so they should all be finished by Friday.
I broke my drink free October, we had a glass of champagne on arriving at the hotel and without thinking I took one. Later at our meal I realized what I had done, oh well,  will stay dry for the rest of the month.
I picked up Josh and Sam from school, school had another parents evening, so they had tea with me and I was lucky enough to be able to put Sam to bed, Josh again had a good report, he was a bit worried with his math's but his teacher is happy, Sam is just too cute and everyone loves him, both were good boys.
Hubby is driving back from Somerset, he has had time with Logan and Finn and will be home much later, I'm off to read my book,  I am tired, bad night last night, so no stitching.


  1. How could you refuse champagne at such a stunning location? The wedding is going to be fabulous.

  2. A wonderful place to hold a wedding, how could you not have a glass of champagne to celebrate the beautiful day to come, never mind!

  3. What a lovely place, a little champagne does that count in the circumstances? Ha ha....xx

  4. How exciting, and champagne goes with wedding planning so well xx



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