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Monday, 12 October 2015

Craft time

This is the base card of daughters wedding invitations
The design is loads of cards, each slightly smaller than the last
different types of card for each, with a nice band to hold them together
 One of the layers is a silver mirror card, 
I can only get a mixed A4 packet with gold card as well
Typical having to buy  something I don't need
So I have been thinking about Christmas cards and how I can use some of the gold card, I think our cards this year will have this 'Merry Christmas' on, it does look good. I also love 'Tis the Season'
 I love this night time shape, it did not look good in gold, so I pulled out the pale blue, I also have loads of Navy card, I had to buy online to get the dark navy we wanted, so extra has been purchased just in case. I can cut 6 from an A4 card.
 Josh wanted some cards for Rugby
these are ready for him to add names for his dream team
these will keep him happy for hours
 Stitching time
 After stitching this much, I am pleased 
I think it will look really good in the middle. 
Not much to say, Saturday was great,the day at home crafting, hubby made a wonderful home made fish pie (left overs for lunch today).  Sunday, well it started bad and then got worse, not going into a rant on here, but every thing I touched went wrong, plus the screen on my smart phone stopped working, just as I wanted to use an apt, which is only on the phone, anyway I used the situation to practice some swear words, didn't change anything, but I felt better.
Work today was busy we are now 6 people in an office for 8, so busy times.


  1. How exciting, wedding planning. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Saturday, keep focusing on that instead of Sunday. I've just had to have a new phone, I hate changing them as I'm not technically minded at all so it takes me ages to get used to a new one.

  2. You've got so many talents, Marlene.....the cards are going to be beautiful. Your stitching is really lovely too.

  3. Lots of lovely cards, I bet you're having lots of fun planning for the wedding. x

  4. My son married last year.....wonderful times
    It is fun planning a wedding, but can be quite exhausting.....look after yourself.
    You are a very artistic and talented lady.....I love the Christmas ideas.

    We all have a rant once in a while.....life can be so damned frustrating but fun as well :)

  5. A very elegant invitation.
    Nice stitching and your Christmas cards will be lovely

  6. LOVE . . . LOVE . . . LOVE . . . the invitations.

    The cutouts for Christmas are so nice. I specially like the sky one with Santa flying :)



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