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Friday, 23 October 2015

No witty title today, mental block

The window sill is a bit of a let down
African violets really need potting on
The Coleus has just been planted, taken from garden before the frost comes.
The acorns are cracking, would love to see some growth
 This tiny chillie is doing well
I don't eat them but hubby does
I have loads of photo's today of flowers in the garden much the same as I blogged last week, the mild weather is good for the blooms. We had rain earlier in the week, 1st time in ages, so it helped the garden, I hope another hour outside this weekend will keep it looking tidy. Our raspberries have loads of green new growth, and the strawberries are swelling, how mad is that for October. I am going at the weekend to purchase one plant in bloom to help with my winter colour, our garden is bare from November to March, except for a few tubs.  We were given this chrysanthemum last year, lovely to see new flowers. The acer behind is stunning.  
On other thoughts
My spending chart shows September was a good month, I only purchased card for daughter's wedding invites, nothing on stitching, sewing or garden, October is much the same, it's also handy to see when I spend for each hobby, I can also see the one off purchase I made, I am pleased I have cut back my spending and am now keeping my stash at a manageable amount.
As it gets cooler I am also changing what I wear each day, my wardrobe is holding up for winter clothes and I now don't often wear my beloved sandals. My winter shoes and boots are out again and other than a trip to have a couple of pairs re healed, I should not require much new this winter, but I will always love a bargain if I see one.
Hubby is doing great with home cooked meals, he loves to cook and does not use any pre-made items other than stock cubes, most days I take leftovers for lunch. I have not had bread since last weekend and then only a slice of home made, I wish I could say my weight was looking better, I really must make an effort to get walking, I promise I will get out after work, then I come home get on here, and never go out at all. I am a lazy home person, and my stitching keeps me busy, it's a poor excuse.
We booked a man to clean our cooker and he did not turn up, I like to have it done each year, just to ensure the hard to reach bits are done, this week hubby had a go, and now we have a shining cooker, it is never too bad, we clean as we go, but he did a great job, nice surprise to come home too, can I suggest he has a go at the top of the kitchen wall cabinets!


  1. I loved it last year when the cooker man came! I used to always do mine but my knees won't let me kneel on the hard floor for long enough!

  2. Your acer is stunning, they're such beautiful plants at this time of year. I've been promising myself one for as long as I can remember but I still haven't bought it. Can you believe I'm still picking blueberries, there were enough at the weekend to take for my mum and dad to have a sprinkle each day on their cereal for the week so I'm happy with that. I always leave my oven cleaning to Mick, I tell him he can get it sparkling whereas I can't, it seems to work.

  3. Stunning acer. Well done on the limited spend on crafting goodies.



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