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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Just stitching

Lovely colours
 I have done this design before, when finished it looks like patchwork, 
this is the center panel, the design has 9 different squares
But in the space I will have to stitch more
 I am hoping it will look good in the middle here
I am using some of the same colours
It looks a big space to fill.
I have really done nothing this week, home from work and stitch, I am still feeling tired from last weekend, but so pleased we went, it's a rewarding day, which takes up the whole weekend.
We have nothing planned this weekend, we do have one lush task, which is to pop in and pay off a nice chuck of our mortgage, it has always been planned we would have extra to trim our ever decreasing amount outstanding.
The rest of the weekend will have see what happens days, but no shopping. We are trying to stay out of our local Co-op, it's so easy to pop in for one thing and spend almost £20. We  have been given a Booker card for discount shopping, you do have to buy in bulk, but a friend has one card for her business and gave me her spare, we have to see how it works out.
The lady who sits next to me in work is leaving tomorrow, she handed her notice in on Monday and has been released quickly, I will miss her, just a couple of years younger than me, we share loads of things in common, and enjoy an laugh through out the day. I popped to Superdrug to get her some hand cream and found loads of gift sets at half price,  she will have  a pampering kit for her week off.
We enjoyed the final of British Bake Off last night , the right person won, and tonight I am going to watch the last episode of Doctor Foster, I missed it last night and I'm dying to see how it ends.


  1. Your stitching is lovely, as usual. I enjoyed watching The Bake Off but I was a bit disappointed in Doctor Foster, I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Lovely design you are stitching

  3. Your artwork is amazing. I do so admire anyone that can use a needle and create a work of art.

    How kind to buy such a beautiful gift for the woman that is leaving. She will have a lovely weekend I am sure.

    Loved Bake Off. Doctor Foster did not have the end I expected but I really enjoyed it.

  4. I still haven't watched the last Doctor Foster, I'm saving it until half term! When I can watch it in peace and solitude!



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