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Saturday, 24 October 2015

See what I've made

We made Sun-dried Tomato and Parmesan bread
we cheated and used a mix, 
but added loads of chopped sun-dried tomatoes
For lunch I had a couple of warm slices with Brie
 It's growing
 I think we might just be there
this is a mock up invitation, once confirmed as OK
I will have to make them with all the care I can find. 
It's been a busy day, morning at hairdressers then popped into town, which was busy, we got a couple of Christmas presents, and most of what I required. Hubby made comment a couple pairs of my work trousers were not as smart as they could be, so I looked for two new pairs. I came home with none, I had two choices of style, most were thin at the ankle, which makes my bum look big in them, or there was nylon old ladies style with elastic on the waist. Now I am closer to old lady than young woman, but really, what happened to the lovely styles for ladies of a certain age, I did find one pair in M&S, Per Una at £49.00, tad too much for me. I will have to stay wearing my skirts. My 2 pairs of shoes cost me £16.00 for the heals to be replaced, cheaper than new shoes, but again rather more than I expected.
Hubby is watching the rugby, no shouts from the living room so he must be agreeing with the ref in the match. I have been working on my 2015 book, I am behind with it, but then again there is no rush to get it done.
Tomorrow Sam is 5 years old, we will see him at his party at a local kids function/play themed fun factory. How quick the time is going, 6 weeks time we will be sorting all the decorations for Christmas.
I have joined 12 days of Christmas hosted by Jo at The Good Life, we swap 12 parcels for Christmas gifts, at max £2 per item, I have 10 so far for my swap, it's fun. I am also doing a Christmas card only swap with Amy at Love made my home, I don't normally join swaps.


  1. You're doing very well with your swap gifts, you've got more sorted than I have. We've still got plenty of time though. Thanks for the mention.

  2. The bread looks yummy and the invitations, I am sure you will do a lovely job.
    I am sending your package on Monday sorry for the delay we ad visitors :-)

  3. I love La Redoute's 7/8ths cigarette pants, I have a couple of pairs and find them flattering and I'm quite large so that is no mean feat. Check out the website and see what you think. They're not expensive either.

  4. The stitching is looking wonderful and that bread looks wonderful as well.

  5. A very productive day indeed! I'll have a slice of that bread please! X

  6. Mmmm that bread looks tasty.
    Beautiful and elegant invitations.

  7. That bread looks scrummy...........I love sundried tomatoes :)
    The invitations are beautiful, so elegant.

    I know what you mean about trousers I thought it was me being fussy.........



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