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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Working Saturday

Colours are growing
I had loads of stitching time yesterday,
 we stayed up later watching a film
and as always I stitched.
This part of the design is simple
It's mid October and look what's in the garden
 Loads of berries, my mum said it was always a sign of a hard winter coming, 
nature always takes care of it's own.
The beautiful leaves turning on my blueberry plant.
 Then we have things which should not be here, Primroses.
We think the foxes are getting into the back garden, 
this is a good sign of them being here, foxes urine always kills grass, but mad cat woman next door feeds them in her front garden, so at this point we do not have any solutions, any suggestions. 
It's a dull day and rather cool, so after a quick walk to the local shops for just a few items, I went out into the garden. Hubby went off on his motorbike to meet with friends, I have cleared the small raise veg garden, the crops this year are all small, but I harvest some baby carrots and baby beetroot and a few parsnips. The leeks are doing well, I wish I had planted more. I have planted onion sets for over winter. I still have loads of bulbs to plant my my pot's still look good.
The greenhouses have been emptied of all the summer growing things, now one has my suculants, alpines and a few summer plants inside, these will stay in here to the spring. In the second, which is in a warmer spot, I still have one chili plant, I have put my small lemon and lime plants in, I need to get hubby to move my Olive plant in there as well.
I have also started too pack away my garden art these go in my shed. I am leaving out a few alpines, mainly the ones with good drainage, they don't mind the cold, but hate their roots in water, so my dish will be out where I can see it all winter. I have a few smaller plans, mainly to move some of my fruit tubs further back in the garden, and bring my Acer back onto the decking, but hubby has a sore back so this can wait for now.
I have finished for today, I am starting to ache, so a really nice late lunch, shower then maybe another film and loads of lovely sewing for me.
Tomorrow we are out for a Sunday lunch and off with daughter and future SIL, the afternoon is all about weddings.


  1. Lovely stitching and flowers Marlene.


  2. Maureen, I'm interested in your idea of having a book made out of a blog (mentioned in a post to Cro). I've looked at the Blurb website - there is a lot to read. Can you just hand over your bog, as it were, to their experts to transform into a printed book? Or did you put each post in yourself?


  3. Enjoy your lunch today Mrs mother of the bride xx

  4. You've still got lots of things flowering. It's funny that your primroses are blooming, so are my cowslips, they definitely shouldn't be in flower just yet but if I remember right, they did the same thing last year. My blueberries have had their red leaves for quite a few weeks now, such a glorious show they put on.

  5. We have found the odd primrose flowering here, foxgloves still manage to cling on and I am still picking (the last and admittedly slight) sweetpeas. strange weather this year - seems to have made the garden act differently.

  6. Lovely assortment of flowers you still have growing in the garden.
    My hubby cleaned out his greenhouse this past weekend ready for winter storage of tender things.



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