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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Good start to the weekend
we were given so fresh eggs
my tea is blackberry and elderflower by Taylor's
It must be getting cooler
both cats are using their baskets
they started using them again this week,
A bit more time for stitching
It is coming along well, 
It takes loads of time when filling the whole canvas with stitches
This will be a cushion on our sofa.
Win is still doing well, I have not seen her for a couple of days, her family have been visiting, but hope to get in to see her over the weekend.
We are home with no plans, hubby is a bit house crazy, so a trip out is called for, I would like to go to B&Q, and get pansies, they are much cheaper for bedding plants, and if I choose well I will have some nice flowers over the coming months. Plus hubby will have a wander around the place. We also require a new wok, we have a non stick one, had it for years, and it's starting to stick. I used to have an iron wok, which I had to oil all the time, but it was heavy to use.
Later when the rugby is on, I will get out my sewing machine, I have a small repair to do and I want to make a couple small Christmas items.
This evening daddy is bringing Sam around in his Halloween costume, so we will ensure I have a few things hanging around the front door and have sweets and cake.
Tomorrow time with Su, another wedding fayre, she has booked almost everything for her and David's day, but it will be nice to spend time together.
Fliss is in Yorkshire this weekend, a family weekend meeting loads of new people.


  1. Your stitching is really coming on, it's looking lovely. Enjoy your time with Sam, I remeber taking our two out to see their grandparents in their costumes when it was Halloween, happy days. The cats look lovely and snug in their baskets.

  2. I could just eat some poached egg on toast now! Cross stitch looks fab as usual, you are one talented and patient lady :) Is that how you spell patient?......you know what I mean

  3. Sounds like you have some fun plans. The stitching is looking very nice!

  4. This stitching gets lovelier each time I see it.



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