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Thursday, 29 October 2015

In the rain

These came home with me last Sunday
I have not had chance to get them in the pots yet
it's on my list for this weekend, get my spring pots done
 It's raining, these still look beautiful
my garden is still full of colour
 Cosmos as well, these blooms are huge. 
 Garden looking good, leaves from next door falling onto our lawn
The Magnolia leaves are still on tight. 
 Purdy crashing the photo's, loads of colour outside the back door.
 We made this mound last night, hubby found a hedgehog fast alseep in his garage, nice and dry but not the best place for him, so we laid straw in this corner by the greenhouse, popped him on top, no he did not wake up and then loads of straw on top, we will add leaves from the Magnolia as they drop. 
Hopefully he's in a safe spot. 
 Not had much stitching time this week, 
which gives me time to think about the design of the center squares. 
 But I finished this book as my October read. 
Win has had her operation and is recovering well, she has had a plate fitted, and they hope to have her out soon, a couple of weeks in a hospice and then she will stay with family. We don't expect to see her home before Christmas. She is a fighter and still very strong.
Hubby had a letter from the tax man, who says he has underpaid by just under £1,000, not the sort of news we wanted now he has finished work and before the expense of Christmas, we will pay it monthly, just over £70, it's alot of extra money to find.
I have done nothing on the wedding cards, daughter is happy to wait until the menu is set, I am beginning to think about my Christmas cards, I have a few ideas floating about, I am going to keep it simple this year.
We are having a simple night in, I have been to the hospital most nights this week, but Win has her niece with her today, so I can relax at home. I have a few more things to add to my phone now I have it fixed and back.
Sam and Josh are at a firework display tonight, it's at the Navy base where Fliss and I work, they have a big display each year, it keeps lightly raining, but they are wrapping up warm. Fliss wants to drive past the section where they repair the helicopters, they have loads of different sizes in and Sam will love seeing them.
So I am having a much better week, work is going well again, so much easier when everyone is in, we do love to have a laugh through out the day.


  1. Fireworks? We're not in to November yet, they seem to get earlier every year, it's like Christmas. Awww, hope the hedgehog's ok, they're getting to be a bit of a rarity these days as their numbers are declining so I'm glad you're looking after it well.

  2. You are so fortunate to have a hedgehog hibernate with you.
    Local wildlife charities will help you if you are unsure if hedgehog is comfortable enough for winter. I hope he keeps safe and well.

    Love your little viola and cyclamen, so pretty.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Blooming tax man, never get it right do they!? As for a hedgehog, I'd love one in my garden, how privileged you are.

  4. Your flowers look great. We have one small Rudbekia still blooming, several coleus and marigold blooming and some plant we had on the front steps that bloomed when we planted it and now it is blooming. Guess it likes the cooler weather :)

  5. A nice cosy home for your prickly visitor.



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