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Sunday, 1 November 2015

November already

Sam popped in to see us last night, he loved his costume 
posing at every point, we filled him with sugary sweets
and then sent him home.  
1st of November, we woke up to a misty morning, 
the spider webs were glistening in the morning light
no sunshine to start the day, but a lovely way to see into the garden
 Yesterday at B&Q, I brought this home with me, plus
loads of Pansies and Violas which cost just 50p or £1, all still growing 
plus some Primroses, which I love, 
the sale plants were waterlogged, so they are in my greenhouse 
once they dry out a bit I will plant them. 
I did not get my sewing machine out as planned yesterday, we went to see Win, who is improving each time I see her, we stayed for a couple of hours, nice time to sit and chat. Last night I had a glass of wine, so no stitching, I watched X Factor, not a program I enjoy any more, but it was the first of the live show's, I did feel some of the contestants had wonderful voices, but the hype around the judges gets on my nerves. 
This morning Su and I went to a Wedding Fayre, nothing there she required, so we had a coffee at our local Garson's garden center on the way home, we walked around their Christmas shop, I got these for our tree.
Su will have her Wedding menu's sorted and on Wednesday she is coming here, so we can set the invitations and I can complete them ready for sending. I can then start my Christmas cards.
I have also found a couple small Christmas designs for me to stitch, I enjoy the bright colours this time of year. 
Later Downton Abbey is on TV, did anyone see Maggie Smith on Graham Norton's show Friday night, she was so funny, she does not normally do interviews, but her new film The lady in the van, looks good. 


  1. Sam looks great in his costume. The fog hasn't lifted here all day, it's very gloomy still. I saw Maggie Smith on Graham Norton's show, I don't usually watch it but read she was on so made a point of taping it. Her new film looks really good.

  2. I always buy a new bauble or 4 each year for the tree and I love those Father Christmasses! I never watch X factor live. All the adverts do my head in and the screaming and shouting of the audience. I simply record it and FF through all that nonsense!!

  3. I love Maggie Smith she is a fabulous actress.....I watch anything that she is in :)

    Love the face you sent Sam home when he was full of sweets..... too funny.

    It has been foggy all day here..............so depressing.
    Where have blue skies gone :)

  4. Sam looks so cute!!! I love seeing spider webs with the mist on them.

  5. We had a glorious day of sunshine, I was in the garden for most of it. Halloween was quite slow here, I only had 18 callers, in Tydd I would have seen closer to 50. I was out last year so did not know what to expect. I went to Wyevale with a friend on Friday and looked at the bargain plants, but there was nothing that caught my eye.I did come home with a little hedgehog though.

  6. SAm is hilarious. I so enjoy the young ones on Halloween.

    The Santa ornaments are so different form what I have ever seen here.

  7. I saw the Maggie Smith interview, it was so funny.
    Julie xxxxx

  8. Lovely new additions for your festive tree.



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