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Sunday, 9 August 2015

In the pink

Up close in the garden
Dawn asked if our Magnolia tree flowered twice a year often, I am pleased to say it flowers most years twice, we do cut it back at the end of each growing season. We had a tree surgeon in a few years ago to give it shape, now each October we trim it back ourselves, taking away most of the new growth. I treat it like a shrub. This keeps it's size and shape each year, if you want more dense growth trim in the spring. As you can see I played with my new lens, and so many shades of pink.
 We popped out for an hour, Porchester Caster is just 10 mins away, normally we would walk, but we got the cycles out, I was able to fit my tripod and camera bag in my basket. It's the first time this year I have used my bike, it sits and waits for days when I have a bit more energy.
 I took loads of photo's, but I can have issues with the focus over distance using my long lens, this was the best shot of the Spinnaker tower, with a couple of Naval vessels along side in the military docks. With the tide in, loads of people were out, the children in the top photo had caught loads of small crabs, saving them in buckets to be thrown back before they went home, the sailing club was busy and even a couple of canoes on the water.
I may have a bird collection in the garden, this wire one followed us home, we popped to Dunelm, looking for a wooden chopping board for a present, soon to be SIL, David asked for one for his birthday, we also popped close by to B&Q, hubby needed to replace our garden strimmer, it's a good time of year to replace garden items, almost every thing is in the sale. I purchased a white orchid, with just a few flowers in a white pot for £4, half price, the flowers will regrow.
The weather is beautiful, hot, sunny and just perfect for our stay at home weekend, with both the girls away we made no plans, just did what we wanted, I can't remember when we had such a lazy day, nice early night last night. Later we might go our on the motorbike for a ride, it's a case of see how we feel.


  1. A lovely bird for your collection, its funny how these collections just grow without intention, thanks for the information on the magnolia I have a couple of young ones so will keep the trimming in mind :-)

  2. I love your little bird collection. Very sweet.

  3. I love the little birdies. Glad you e had a good weekend x

  4. Sounds like you are making the most of the weekend. Lovely pictures you have captured. Love your bird collection.
    Good to read hubby was ok after the little accident. I have a family member that drives such a lot on top of a full days work.. its exhausting!

  5. What is the purpose of the Spinnaker tower? I know a SPinnaker is a part of a ship, but don't really know which part.

    Will email you my new address. Hopefully we will be in it by the beginning of November.

  6. Those are beautifully focused flowers, I really need to learn to use my camera better, I use the take a lot, keep a few mantra with photos. Nice to see you enjoying the sun, looks like a fab weekend.

  7. Lazy week-ends are the best. I do love your pink flowers.

  8. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I love seeing pictures of the coast and sea. (Worcester is lovely but trips to the sea take a bit of planning!) Jx



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