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Monday, 31 August 2015

Another wet Bankholiday

It's the end of August, 
so many of you are sad summer is almost at an end, 
we did not have a good weather summer, a few warm  sunny days, 
but with spring so late and cold, 
summer in the garden has been difficult in our little plot.
Another reason for being sad, we have to turn this page to another view, 
 I popped to a charity shop and found this little treasure for a pound
next to my posh pin cushion, it holds it's own
I love the feel of wood
 The material is glued in, 
the plan is to replace the material and put wire wool for the stuffing
this should keep my working pins sharp. 
I use thin pins for silk, for everyday use
they are long and thin and do not mark the fabrics.
Theses pretty top pins are huge and leave holes in the fabric
they do look pretty
I was naughty and kept stitching, but guess what
one stitch out and loads of unpicking.
I might stitch some more and do knitting tomorrow, 
I wanted to see the full size of the cushion
We are having a day at home, doing little jobs, 
I have used my sewing machine this morning, I repaired seams in our pillow cases, I like pure cotton linen and always white. A couple of years ago we purchased new quilt covers, but the seams on the pillow were coming apart, I have stitched all the covers, so they look like new. The sets should last for years.
I have used my Xyron machine today with embellishing folders, I like to keep cards started, so I can finish them when needed, and it's very time effective, to get the machine out and do loads.
We have been into our very small attic, and sorted our stock pile,  we found there 2 x 16 pack of toilet rolls; 4 x 9 pack of toilet rolls; 14 big kitchen rolls; 4 x packs of dishwasher tables, plus loads of other items, we are looking for a small shelving unit to keep every thing tidy.
Hubby has replaced our light outside the front door, it had stopped working and Win next door asked us to replace it as it helps her see walking to her side door on dark days, Win's sight is not very good.
Now hubby is cooking our burgers for a late lunch, then we can watch film, and I can stitch.
Sometimes a wet day can be good for the household, silly little things have been completed.
How do you turn a wet day outside into a positive day inside. 


  1. Our grey start turned into a pleasant sunny day, even a bit too hot at times. I walked Ben after lunch and gathered hazelnuts and blackberries. I did a fair bit of patchwork pressing this morning and am ready for another round of sewing.

  2. We've had a nice cosy day inside, also catching up with jobs, bit of reading and relaxing xx

  3. That's so annoying being one stitch out, I hope you've got it all sorted out now. We had my parents round for a roast dinner today so it didn't really matter too much that it was raining, though Mick did get drenched when he went to get the veggies from the allotment. It's stopped raining late on so Mick's been doing a bit of weeding in the garden.

  4. Sunshine here today, the washing got dried, blackberry picking and I did get some sewing done also prepared the veg for piccali making session tomorrow :-)

  5. With lots of stitching and reading by a small fire!

  6. That's annoying about the stitching, one tip I found useful, after unpicking you get a shadow from where the stitching had been, use an artist's putty rubber. Rubbed gently over the old stitching removes all fibres because the putty rubber is sticky. Return putty rubber back into its box and place with your threads for next time.
    Julie xxxxx

  7. Our wet Bank Holiday Monday turned into a nice visit from my daughter and granddaughter and they brought a homemade cake for us... a nice treat, although I would have preferred to be sitting in the sunshine in the garden eating it...
    Sad news you have to 'unstitch' your lovely cushion design :-(



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