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Friday, 7 August 2015

Yea Friday

I walked around spider land this afternoon
better known as our back garden
This beautiful bloom from the Magnolia tree
Just stunning
 A few more flowers coming along
everything is much smaller and late
 Plus I have been looking at my stash of designs
so many beautiful patterns
so hard to choose what to do
or start a new design of my own, 
it's been a few years since I made a design 
Today I am feeling much better, the rest of the week has been a yoyo
Hubby has just over three weeks until he retires, he only works 3 days, but all the plans made to slow his work down went wrong and this week he has worked 4 days, and the final few weeks will see him away alot and loads of driving. So he is very tired. On Wednesday driving home from Hastings, 90 miles away after a full day of tutoring, he had a small road accident, he's OK but the car is damaged, on the plus side it's a company car,  his working day was 13 hours, which is ridiculous. So a bad day all round. Yesterday he had off, but was so tired he did nothing all day, he is on his way home tonight, should be about an hour. There is little we can do, he won't let people down, but we are counting down to September 2nd, his final day.
We had plans to be away in Somerset this weekend, loads more driving, with a trip to Bristol airport with his son, going back home to Ireland. But plans have changed, son is poorly so did not travel over  to Bristol today, and the family wedding we have chosen not to attend, the tale is a sad one, and not for here, we decided a few weeks ago not to go. Both daughters are travelling to Somerset as we speak, so now we have a quiet weekend at home just the two of us, what bliss. No plans, no watching the clock, the weather is going to be good. 
Work was busy but every one working together, time for a few moment of fun and loads finished, the outlook is now loads better, I don't mind hard work when every one pulls together. 
Time to start the weekend, hope your plans are good and they all come together. 


  1. Hope your husband is ok now.....you'll both be so glad when 2 Sept comes! Have a blissful quiet weekend, just the two of you.

  2. Three weeks and counting that has come round quick, its not nice when plans suddenly get changed if throws me all out when that happens, I hope you both have a nice relaxing week end together at home :-)
    Keep meaning to ask does your mangnolia usually flower twice ?

  3. Have a wonderful weekend
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Hey, Been reading back on your blog again and loved it.. it is all just like me.... garden, books, stitching and life at home. We are both retired now, although DH official date is 1st Nov.. as he has been doing consultant work these last few years, he is home more than away and we both love it. Your garden looks lovely, my flower beds are a bit weedy since breaking my arm it has been impossible for me to do much and DH has enough to do with all the house jobs and the veg... but there is next year! Enjoy your holiday away, the weeks will fly by.
    Happy days Chris x

  5. Hope your husband is ok now. Enjoy your lovely weekend for two. Spoil yourselves x

  6. Oh no I hope your husband is ok & you manage to have a lovely peaceful weekend x

  7. Beautiful flowers. I hope your husband is ohk and has got through the last weeks safely.



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