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Sunday, 23 August 2015

My niece is married

My niece Sophie looked stunning
With her family
I took far too many photo's
But I'm happy with the relaxed ones,showing every one having fun. 
The wedding day was fine and bright, it was a small wedding, all about family, they had thought of ways to keep the children entertained and happy, a true family affair. Sophie's style was country meets vintage, they had decorated the garden area and trees and in the evening under loads of candle light it was again very pretty. Sophie had loads of little fish every where, her dad, my brother loved his fishing, it was a lovely touch. With them living in the edge of Stratford-on-Avon, which is 3 hours drive from us,  it was lovely to meet their friends and Rich's family. It was also nice to chat with her mum, last time we spoke was 10 years ago at another family do. We also had a lovely evening out with my sister and her partner on Wednesday evening, we were directed to a small town close by to our hotel, we went back on Thursday morning for a bit of shopping.
This wool called to me
it's 4 ply and the colours are stunning, I got 5 balls
enough to make a summer top. 
We found a tea shop
they made pots of tea with real tea, no bags
very vintage.
I got two books
Breaking the silence for 50p, looks interesting
Summer at Shell cottage for £4, 
I seen this being read by loads of people
both to be packed for our holiday
We spent Friday and Saturday night in Cannington, 
Friday was with Logan, Finn, mummy and daddy, loads of laughter and catching up, sharing pizza and family news.
Saturday we had the day with Martin my brother, and popped into his local town, Bridgwater, it's a small town and very run down, few branded shops, just full of phone and charity shops. Gone are the record and dress shops I remember from my teen years.
Saturday night another meal out, but this time in the village, there is a great place to eat, so while the thunder rolled around us we sat, ate and laughed.
This morning we drove home in heavy rain, but now the sun is out and it's warm again.
We are very sadden by the air crash in the Shoreham air show, which is not too far from us, we know the road and junction well, one car was a wedding car going to pick up the bride, so many families affected. As for the French train, thank goodness for the bravery of the three Americans they saved every ones lives, the news is saying they were sat near the toilet and heard the suspect sorting his gun and heard the clicks and guessed what he was doing.


  1. Bridgwater is dire isn't it? I'm hoping that with so many new houses being built on the outskirts, the planners will realise they must do something to upgrade the town. Out of curiosity, where did you eat in the village? The wedding sounds lovely, glad you had a good time.

  2. Your niece is so lovely! Oh and that wool looks yummy too.

  3. Your niece looks every bit the beautiful bride. It sounds like they had a wonderful wedding, something they'll always remember and you sound to have enjoyed that and the rest of your time away. So much sadness in the news at the moment, it's nice to have something positive to focus on.

  4. It looks like you've had some great times with your family and friends recently. You niece looks beautiful! Jx

  5. Wishing the happy couple a wonderful life as they venture into the world of married life.
    Nice new wool... looking forward to seeing what you whip up with that.

  6. Gosh she does look beautiful, I'm glad you had a lovely day. I had a friend at Shoreham with her kids, truly sad. Like you I was feeling relieved at the American guys on the train, thank God for brave people, think how different it could have been. This ISIS thing seems like a problem with no solution, how do you make people see wickedness when they're brainwashed by it?

  7. I did hear about the air show accident , very sad! We are dealing with horrid wildfires in Washington state. On to better thoughts, lovely wedding pictures. It sounds like a wonderful event! Glad you got to spend so much great family time!

  8. It sounds like a very happy, pretty wedding - glad you all had a good time, and congratulations to the happy couple :)
    Cathy x


  10. Oh my she looks beautiful. I love small happy weddings



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