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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Just stitching

 A side on view of my stitching, this is coming along
It's fun to stitch and easy on the mind. 
My ORT jar, much fuller this year
I've been very busy on the stitching
 My stash has arrived
most of these are for the above project.
 I always buy extra fabric for my stash
Tonight I am doing my hair, can you remember the plastic highlighting caps and using a crochet hook to pull just enough hair through for highlights, I have had my cap for years, it always works perfectly, eldest daughter is on hook duty.
Tomorrow I will have my nails done, it's been years since I have had tips done, but my nails are really bad at this time.
Later tonight I will pack ready for our trip away tomorrow, both hubby and I are looking forward to the break. So many people to catch up, loads of chatter, some wine and a couple of nice meals.
Josh and Sammy came home on Sunday, I had lovely cuddles from the boys, and loads of chatter of the fun they had with grandmas in Manchester.
So I will be back on Sunday, I will keep up with everyone through my iPad, let our long weekend start now.



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