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Saturday, 29 August 2015

It's Saturday

Broken sash
The right hand side will be a mirror image.
The colours are better in these photo's
 Is now packed away until after our holiday
it's really hard to pack it away
I love stitching it
 Up close, it's all about the colours
I am pleased with my purchase list, I put everything on here
The total so far this year is £848.44, which is just over £100 per month. 
If I factor out the cost of the huge pot, which was a one off purchase, and the cutters for my new X cutter it's £146.00 less, that's £90 per month, so I have reduced my spending by loads. 

We have been to visit our youngest daughter Su, her partner David has his birthday today, he asked for a wooden chopping board, which we found plus a nice small knife. We also took loads of cheese, crackers and pickles, so he could use his board, he was so pleased we had took him his instant lunch, 

Whilst up that end of town we went to Whitley Village, it's an out of town shopping center, the car park was full and busy. The shops and the walk ways are huge, so even though there were loads of people it did not feel too bad.  I managed to purchase another pair of jeans from Next, I don't normally get clothes from Next, too expensive, but their jeans have a high waist and the legs are not skinny or wide, I love them, I can tuck every thing which normally makes a muffin top into the jeans. Hubby got some shirts in the sales, for work he could only wear white or pale colours, so he has added loads of bright shirts. It does sound as if this month we have gone back a few years to the sad shopping every weekend, no it's all part of our master plan, we were always going to use his last months salary to stock the wardrobe, in the hope we would not require anything for a long time. Every where had a summer sale, nothing we purchased was at full price.
Tonight I will pick up my knitting again, the repeat pattern is simple so I hope it will start to grow loads. It's just hubby and me, so home made burgers for tea, it has been raining again so we have no plans to go out again at all. 


  1. A wooden chopping board sounds like a really nice gift better than socks unless they are hand knitted, keeping a record of spending on hobbies is a good idea, you are spending less than you would going to the pub or bingo :-)

  2. You did make me laugh about the muffin top, I can identify. I like high waisted jeans, I bought some from Matalan, very reasonable but the cut is weird, I have to wear a belt with them so I've recently bought some from Marks & Spencer, they were actually very reasonable. It's good to keep a list of your purchases for your hobbies and when you consider that it's £90 a month you've spent over three different hobbies, that's not too bad at all. Some people spend that on a night out.

  3. Gotta love a bargain when shopping, sounds like you did well.

  4. Oops, I really should keep a record of my spending on sewing and gardening, maybe I will start one. Broken Sash is like tiny quilt blocks and is lovely, I think that the soft colours are pretty. I stock up on clothes in the sales, it makes sense, this year I want to make a few fleece tops to wear rather than sweaters. They spin almost dry and do not need ironing. Win Win

  5. Beautiful stitching and beautiful colours. I have to say I hate clothes shopping which is why half my clothes are falling apart :)



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