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Monday, 10 August 2015

A fine walk

We spent a couple of hours walking around Farlington Marsh
a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon
 Not so pretty when the tide is out
but interesting to see the mud banks
 This whole area  is a bird sanctuary
 Hubby took his big lens and got loads of photo's
 This sitting area, overlooks this man made lake
 Everywhere loads of different birds
with so much natural space for them
it's a proper flat wet lands
The wild flowers and hedgerows full of ripening fruit.
 The motorway passes very close to the top end
On the very outskirts of the city, it's perfect use of this land
The tide was out beyond the harbour in the far distance
it's the first time we have been here with no sea. 
Yesterday was another perfect day, we felt as if we had stolen time, both days busy doing things we wanted to do, no one wanting any of our time. I love both my daughters and of course our grandsons, but it was brilliant to be without any of them, two perfect days with hubby, we laughed alot, ate out and relaxed. We really must try and have weekends like this more often, it felt as if we were on the best weekend break.
Today was back to work, it's a busy week just 4 people in all week instead of 8, should be fun. It's also muggy and wet, good for the garden.
I am finishing reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters, and soon I will look to stitch again, my next section of Carie Rose is due 10th September, so I need a new project. I did think of getting my sewing machine out, but alot of what I need is in our attic.


  1. Amazing! So beautiful and quiet over there! Birds and all kind of other animals I guess. I wish it was more close so I could go for a long walk too.

  2. Our nearest coast is The Wash (Terrington Marshes) and it is very similar outlook! My husband was saying its a nice view but he wanted more variety today as mud flats without sea was not exciting enough! Know Portsmouth quite well from previous life but like so many I think I have only passed these marshes on the motorway!

  3. It sounds like you recharged your batteries x

  4. I would say that was an excellent week-end! The walk was so pretty. What a great area for walking.

  5. I love week ends like that we keep saying we must do more of them its like have a mini holiday :-)

  6. A perfect weekend. My DH and I enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful time just the two of us, its nice to have that sometimes.
    Have a good week.

  7. What a lovely place for a walk. I always thought it was busy when the kids were young, taking them to football or cricket, singing or dancing, it was nothing compared to the time we devote to them now so I know what you mean about having a bit of time to yourselves. Enjoy it while you can.

  8. Hi Marlene,
    Farlington's a great place, I saw Spoonbills there last winter. CT :o)



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