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Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Another free flower
this house always has an Orchid in flower
My second set of flowers from this violet
 Plus new plants from leaf cuttings, these two are doing well
Kiwi's are still slowly growing,
my window sill is a bit bare at this time
 I have finished Fingersmith,
it's a great read, a surprising twist in the middle
I will start The Little Stranger later
I am having the laziest time at the moment, I have not stitched at all, we do manage to walk each evening, so I am hitting my step target, just one more week and then I will increase the steps I need each day.
I did dead head my flowers last night, it's the most important job at this time of year, keeping the flowers coming and ensuring the garden is full of colour.
Sunday was not such a great trip out, I'm not a fan of too much shopping, my friend has no confidence and always needs help to decide what to buy, after loads of shops she came home with nothing, we did manage a nice long lunch together.
Work is frustrating, the way we work does not solve problems, so they keep coming back, I prefer to spend a bit of time and get things sorted, but our boss does not work that way, BUT the annoying woman is on holiday and next week when she is back, she has moved departments, so close by but not in our small office.
I am feeling very restless, off sorts, and not sure what to do about it, I have been a bit blue for a while, almost every thing is irritating to me, which is not normal, my poor hubby is trying hard to cheer me up, there is alot of silliness going on around us, little stuff we can't control,.
Still enjoying a nice cup of tea, hubby will be home about 8ish, so nice quiet house and The British Bake off starts tonight, so not all is lost.


  1. I am sure that most of has those interludes, a bad hair day all over the body and feeling adrift in a sea of emotions. When it happens to me I take Ben for a walk, do some crafting and/or do a deep clean on a cupboard or the oven. Sometimes it works.

  2. It's frustrating if you can 'see another way' at work but your colleagues don't buy into your ideas... Mark has a really nasty boss and he says it's like having a holiday whenever his boss is away. (You know what I thought of my senior team.......!!). I hope that your mid-year blues soon start to lift. Jx

  3. Fret not, you have wonderful flowers, green fingers for growing plants and a fantastic hubby - not forgetting a great cup of tea. Enjoy the bake off.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! Moods like yours do come and thankfully go. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I blame lack of sunshine, what happened to our lovely summer, its so dark early these days and no sitting out till late. Glad you enjoyed your book, not an author I have read.
    Hope you are soon feeling much brighter x

  6. I love how you grow random things! I'm too lazy to even read right now!



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