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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Daddy or chips

Daddy or chips
do you remember the advert on TV
sewing or knitting, a hard choice
 Sewing won out
 There is much more work in this
but I have done the left hand side of the top line
now I have to infill and work my way down the side. 
 What does a girl do when it is pouring with rain
watching her garden, keeping a check on things
Grace was curled up on the carpet
I have managed a quick tour of the garden, 
emptied loads of pots over flowing with rain water. 
I have covered my alpine dish, I am fearful the plants won't survive the soaking. 
I don't know about you but enough of this rain, still I get loads of craft time, sewing in this case, I hope to knit tomorrow evening, hubby is away so I can concentrate on the pattern.
Work is good, we have a laugh most days, but we still get loads done. I popped to the library this evening, returned my last two books, when I got home Josh and Sam had popped around, very nice surprise, both were in a great mood, despite have been inside all day, we have planned tomorrows tea, home made pizza, so I need to get a few more toppings, they boys will make their own.
I am getting worried for hubby, he retires next Wednesday, and is going to be home alone alot, he has not found anything much to start to fill his days. I have held off sorting our small front garden and have set him the task of replanting it. He had yesterday off, and was really bored by the time I got in from work.


  1. Love the rain cover on your alpines, your right they wont do well swimming in water, we have had sunshine and showers today at the moment its blue sky, I have so much to do outside but the weather is stopping me, its hard to believe its summer or suppose to be, perhaps we will get an indian summer, I hope your hubby settles into retirement its something I am not looking forward to with mine he gets very restless :-)

  2. The rain hasn't been too bad here, raining at night is allowed that's craft time here anyway! I hope your husband does find something to occupy him once he retires especially once he has finished your planned replanting x

  3. your stitching is exquisite. I hope your hubby can find a hobby - quick!

  4. My alpine get a soaking everytime it rains. I made the drainage holes larger in the container they are in and cover the bottom of the container with the layer of large gravel.
    Love you stitching. Hope your husband is OK with his retirement, perhaps he could do the school run occasionally..........
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. What lovely stitching! It's been pretty wet here too this week. I guess that retirement is quite a big adjustment to make and might take a while to adapt to. I hope your hubby comes to enjoy having time to himself.
    Cathy x

  6. Sending lots of love to both you and your hubby. I've found retirement really easy to slot into...but that's because I've always had long break and time to develop 'a second life'. Maybe he could develop a research-based hobby like family history for the winter months? It's very absorbing. Your patchwork is gorgeous. Jx

  7. This stitching project is beautiful and growing so well.

  8. I loved that Daddy or Chips advert. I think you do need something to fill your days once you retire, it's important to keep an active body and mind as they do say If you don't use it, you lose it. My dad's always been very active with bowling and he does crosswords and sudoku every day to keep the brain cells active.

  9. This is a gorgeous project. :D

  10. Hi there, I've just come across from Jo's blog.

    Your patch-work looks lovely and what a great view from the window!

    I do think it helps if you can keep active in retirement. My Dad is 90yrs and still gets out and about most days, and likes doing crossword puzzles.

    All the best Jan



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