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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September post

Sam getting ready for his first day at school next Monday
 Josh in his new uniform, he's back today
The school has gone back to shirts, ties and school jumpers
Don't they look smart. 
How quick they have grown up, Sam has never worn a uniform, in one way it sad to see him going to school, they change so much. Logan is visiting with mummy and daddy and baby Fin this weekend, so we should have lovely photo's of him soon, Logan also starts a different school on Monday.
Our SIL to be David is celebrating this month, he has paid off his student loan,  and is very happy about it, but with the wedding coming up next spring, they will be short of cash for a while. Plus Su's birthday coming up, which comes just after his.
We have our anniversary on Sunday 29 year married and 31 years together, how quickly the time has passed, I'm lucky we have a happy marriage, a good partnership.
Today is hubby's birthday and retirement, he will be home from work soon, I think they are having a small do for him. We have Chocolate birthday cake (at Sam's request), which will be served once Josh is home from school. Later Su, David and Fliss will be home from work, so another small celebration, then I'm taking hubby out for a meal. I want this day to be special for him, after wards it will just be the two of us.
In just over a week, we will be packing for a nice short break in the sun. 
So September starts busy and stays busy in this home. 
I have had an unexpected day off today, and will be home again tomorrow, sad family news,


  1. Lots of happy moments for your family Marlene. Wishing hubby a very happy retirement, I hope he finds lots to keep him busy and happy.
    Your boys look wonderful in their school uniforms. My granddaughter starts full time school next Monday, she is so excited.
    Best wishes x

  2. They do look smart don't they? I hope your husband enjoys his day today, sounds like he's got lots of little celebrations as well as your meal out to look forward to. Sorry about your sad news, I hope it doesn't impact on your day.

  3. lovely first day photos, as they start there schools granddad retires I hope it all goes well for everyone with there big life changes :-)

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby, I hope he's had a good day. It's my birthday tomorrow. Sam and Josh look so smart. I think uniform is a good idea but I have to admit that I'm pleased that I don't have any more shirts to iron now that my two have left school.

  5. Those little guys look so cute and ready for school! Good luck on the DH's retirement. We have been retired for 11 years and love it!! I hope your sad news isn't too bad. But sad news usually is!

  6. They both look very smart in there uniforms. You must be very proud of them. Happy birthday to your husband & I hope he gets used to his retirement xx

  7. I hope that DH enjoys the first few weeks of retirement. It's a great idea to have a holiday, while there is still some decent weather to be found! Jx

  8. What an exciting time. The boys look very smart in their uniforms. Our grandson started school this week, seeing him in his uniform made me wonder where the time has gone. From grandchildren starting school to hubby finishing work, you seem to be experiencing the whole spectrum of life at the moment.

  9. Hi, I've just hopped over from Jo's blog. I couldn't resist, I just love your photo's.

    My grandchildren started back at school this week and we were sent photo's of them smart in their uniforms ... so lovely to see.

    September sounds a busy month for you, enjoy it.

    All the best Jan



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