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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Red on White or White on Red

I so love this
 Over half way now, it's simple to sew and the finish is stunning, 
Fliss keeps saying it's for her, but no, this will be another one for me. I have found another quickie for Christmas, which I will start after this is finished.
 This is our terracotta chimera, I use it to grow my Hosta  in, works perfectly. 
Now it's a sleeping place for Grace. 
Grace is not too happy, we have had fireworks every evening for over a week, she hates them. Purdy is not bothered.
Our cat flap has broken, it won't let the cats back in, so once out they stay out, but hubby has been home alot so it is not too bad for them. Every time I get my camera out to snap Grace here she sees me coming and moves. Our new cat flap should be here tomorrow, we got it on line for £65, in the shops it was £99, it works using their micro chip, so no other cats can get in. the saving of over £30 was too great to miss.
Not done much this week, tonight I am out for coffee with Su, I am looking forward to it, a girly catch up. The darker nights make me want to snuggle down in the warm.
Still not done my sewing, I am hoping to find time over the weekend.
I am so glad the weather has now turned cold, all the muggy wet days, I dislike so much. This morning we had our 1st frost, not too bad, but walking from my car to the office on a crisp morning felt good. But tomorrow more rain.
Also this weekend I need to finish my book, if I send it in before 11th I can get 20% off, they cost around £60 each, so it's a nice saving. I use a company called Blurb, you do all the work on your own computer using their templates and then upload to their site, delivery is normally under a week, and the finished book is beautiful.


  1. Your garden looks really nice and peaceful.

  2. What a cute design Marlene.


  3. Love the sewing Marlene - that makes me feel Christmassy!! Your garden still looks nice. We used to have the same chiminea :) what a great use for it:)

  4. Don't get me started on Bonfire Night, or should I say Bonfire Season as that's what it is now. I wouldn't mind if the fireworks were kept to one or two nights, but they go on and on and Archie's terrified of all the bangs. I can't say I'm over fond of them myself.

  5. The cat flap sounds neat since it works off of ther micro chip.

    Hopefully, when we move back to INdiana, we can put a door in for Indy so she can go in and out as she pleases.

  6. Beautiful stitching :-D and that cat flap sounds interesting



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