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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Another Christmas start

This is my second project with this little lady and I'm almost half way through
using the same linen as before, I will make another cushion
 up to date from last nights stitching, only an hour I was out earlier.
 My Hyacinth is doing well, the second one still has no real roots, I am thinking it might be a none flowering bulb, Sam showed me his bulb last night , it's as good as this one.
 Avocado is doing well, the shoot is a couple of inches high and has some nice leaves forming, I think I will have to find a bigger pot for it.  The stem is now quiet thick and sturdy.
 Lemon in square pot, is now bigger than Lime in round pot, again I need to get bigger pots, which will be a problem for me, because they will be too big for the window sill, I will have to find another spot in this office for them, it's the warmest, sunniest room in the house.
Last night I was a happy Nanna, I sat with the boys, whilst mummy and daddy went to School parents evening,
Josh had a great report, he is spot on where he should be on every thing other than reading and in reading he is way above his level, his teacher could not find anything to mark him down on.
Sam has been at pre school since January, starting with 3 days a week and now he goes 5 days, again he is settled, happy and bright. Both reports were about what we expected, but it is so very nice to hear.
I did not get my sewing machine out on Sunday, Su and David popped in to see us, it was nice to catch up, but I really must get my sewing done.
Work is good, busy, I have so many different jobs to do now, every day is different, the time flies and I enjoy most of what I do. I am beginning to change my mind on which site I prefer.
Soon we are going to visit Su and David, they should have their moving date soon, so a bit of quiet time before the madness starts, they are going from a one bedroom to a four bedroom house, so not too much to move and plenty of space in their new house.


  1. I love the stitching, very beautiful.

  2. Love your new start Marlene.


  3. You're so quick with your cross stitch. Both designs are so lovely. It's fascinating watching bulbs grow through glass, it's a while since I've grown any this way, I usually buy hyacinths just as they're coming in to flower these days, they have such a fabulous scent.

  4. Your new start looks gorgeous!

  5. Have you grown your lemon and lime from seed? I love your Christmas sewing projects x

  6. Your plants are looking great!

    The Christmas Girls are so cute.

  7. Both your stitching and plants are doing wonderfully!



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