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Thursday, 13 November 2014

How many finishes

This is finished, I did the star to complete the design
But look at her face, I think I forgot something.
Just noticed as I am doing my post.
 I am really pleased with this 
there is some glitter in the gold stars.
 Finally I got my sewing machine out
Made three cushions, one I can't show you here
 I have to hand stitch the cushion fabric, 
adding to all the gold and red, so it will show up better.
 I am still not sure regarding this fabric, I wanted loads of tree's, but it not to be the same as the one above. I am thinking of adding a few snowflakes. The panel feels big.
 Just for fun, he took about an hour to stitch, I did not realise he would be so small, but he is cute, I was going to make him into a heart, but I might change that, you know what I am like.
I am busy finishing a few things to send to Paula, she recently helped my daughter and myself to purchase a knitting book, which could only be shipped in USA, she took them in and then forwarded them to me, such a lovely lady, so a thank you is in order.
I have an idea for using some of my Christmas fabric's for another small cushion. I have a nice basket which I will put beside my Christmas Tree for all these pretty cushions, just a but of colour.
My trug is still full of sewing items, it's the perfect place to keep fabric, can I get away with asking for another one for Christmas.
Work is going very well, I had a busy day, getting loads done, learning loads of new skills.
Tomorrow we head home to Somerset, a family get together, with all 5 of our children and their partners, it's not so often we are all together, one lives in Ireland, another in Derby, we are all hoping for our 5th grandson to be born soon, he's a bit late.


  1. What lovely cushions, your needle work is lovely and neat.
    I asked the girls at the shop about 28hpi and they think they have found some, I have asked them to put it aside and will check it next week when I am there.

  2. Your cushions are really nice, you are so talented, I particulary like the christmas tree one. Enjoy your family time.

  3. Congrats on all the cute finishes Marlene.


  4. Gosh you have been busy. Such delicate and tiny stitching. I'm going cross eyed just looking at it. I love the festive colours and the little fox -so cute xx

  5. Love your finish and all your cushions are lovely.

  6. perhaps a snowflake swag across the top of thee blue pillow. . . with some snowflakes cascading down into the picture.

    Surprises coming my way? Makes me excited.

    I am taking Abby into the Vet this afternoon. She can barely walk and twice last evening we found her sleeping/resting in the litter box.

    Today sh has been sleeping on my chest which she never does,

    so have us in your thoughts that she makes her trip safely over the rainbow bridge,



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