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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Warning, involves the C word

One more photo, Logan with baby brother Finn
he is a happy big brother and is being very good for mummy and daddy
 I received an email whilst in work, ref Christmas jumper day, 
I work in two offices, and on 12th December I am working in the other office, great no Christmas jumper, but it is over both offices, so last night I went shopping, Asda, £12, very this year with penguin on the front.
 I have done some more stitching, very little, I now have three foxes, I was stitching this for a heart, but the fox was too tiny, so I am not sure how many I am doing, each takes a couple of hours to finish. I have done a few more things, but I can't show you them.
 Happy dance, 2013 has arrived, this is my 5th book, sorry about the shadow, I love these books, I just import all the post for the year over to the Blurb templates, I then spend time sorting each page and balancing the pages, a few checks and then I send via internet, pay about £50, I always wait for them to send me discount vouchers, the books can be cheaper, but I like nice pages and hard covers.
I regular look at my books, it's nice to be able to look back and see what happen when in the garden, I can check each year on when and how many flowers appear on my Magnolia tree.
It's been a quiet week, spent Monday in court taking notes again, so yesterday and today I have been typing them out, we had a big meeting today, nothing sinister, it is a touchy feely sort of a company.
Su is hoping to get the keys to her new house on Monday, they have next week off, they are up-sizing, so loads of work for them both, soon I will have a second garden, once again I have to start with an overgrown plot and see what comes up, I have already a few plants in my greenhouse for next spring, Su does not yet know what she wants, could be fun.

Last night we did a huge shop at Asda,we have stocked up all the kitchen tined, bottled and dry items, and have enough to last into the new year. We did buy some Christmas treats, I prefer to get it done in mid November, before everywhere goes mental. Hubby works for the local Co-op group and all through December he has 20% staff discount, so we get most of the rest locally. Also shopping this early means I am not in full festive swing and I hold back on what we get.

We have now purchased hubby's Christmas present, a huge lens for his camera, he has been after one for years, so he is so very happy, I have taken it away from him, he will get it on 25th. He is also trying to get me to decide what I would like, my problem is there is nothing I want, and I will not suggest something to clutter. I'm not a jewelry person, I have what I like to wear, plus just a couple other items, I have a beautiful sewing machine, I have thought about getting one which can do embroidery,  Dawn your comments please. I still have everyone else's present to get, we have a spend limit for everyone.
But I am beginning to feel festive!


  1. What beautiful children x
    I love that jumper, I like a bit of sparkle at christmas, we have just about done all of our shopping and got most of the gifts, just a few more bottles and boxes of thorntons needed, I can't be doing with the mad rush at the last minute . I am getting asked what I would like but I really don't know what to say.

  2. I always thought I wouldnt really use an embroidery machine as I enjoy hand embroidery, then I discovered what you can really do with these machines the british demos of them are fairly usless it was seeing how adventerous they are across the pond is what swung it for me my favourite site is www.secretsof.com seeing all that fantastic stuff I just had to have a machine, if you do go for one get one with a 5 x 7 hoop stitch size the smaller hoop sizes are to restrictive. I have a Brother innovis 1250 the Innovis 750e does exactly the same but is embroidery only if you have an excellent sewing machine you only need the embroidery only machine.

  3. What a lovely photo of Logan and Finn together. I love your Christmas jumper, it's nice and sparkly for the Christmas season but not tacky like some jumpers I've seen. Camera lenses are so expensive, aren't they? I'd like a longer lens for my camera but I'll have to wait for the time being, I can't justify such an expensive purchase at the moment.

  4. Just having a catch up read, congrats on the new addition.



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