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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Grandson number 5

Finn Jackson Jones arrived on 14th November
Younger brother to Logan.
 So this weekend we all drove the 100+ miles to meet him, we had loads of fun, 
cousin's meeting and playing with other cousins.
Here Josh and Sam with Jacob and Su, youngest daughter.
 A rare family photo with no one missing, all 5 children and partners, all 5 grandsons. 
Also Grancha's younger brother and wife. 
We spent a lovely evening having a meal, and the children playing in this play area, perfect setting in Taunton, Somerset.
It was the first time we took Sam and Josh away with us, we all had rooms in the same hotel, which Sam really enjoyed, at 8.15 this morning we had a knock on our door and Sam still in his PJ's wanted a cuddle. It is so nice to have a family weekend.
Tonight we are both tired, the boys are back at home, they enjoyed meeting everyone, Sam and Logan spent most of the time together. Josh and Sam met Uncle Richard who flew in from Ireland, as a family we are spread about. We can't be sure when we will all be together again, so we ensured we all had loads of fun.
I have done no craft at all, real life was far more fun.
We did pop to a garden center for a nice potted plant for new mum, they last so much longer than cut flowers, a few Christmas items fell into my basket. Our house is going to look great this year, shame as yet we have not purchased one present, the plan is to Christmas present shop next weekend. 
Tomorrow is another busy day, I have to attend court, taking notes again for the family trial, I have one more date next week, I hope not to repeat these attendances, I have said to my boss they are not enjoyable. People can be so horrible to each other.
Su and Davis get their keys to their new house, so as a family we will all be helping to move them, but as they live in a one bedroom house and have purchased a four bedroom house, they don't have too much to move and loads of space to put stuff.


  1. Congratulations on your new grandson - he's gorgeous:) love the photos - you all look so happy. Hope court is not too much of an ordeal. I used to prefer the courts, etc to working in the NHS!!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new Granson, he's a little beaut :)

  3. Congrats on another beautiful grandson Marlene. Lovely family photo.


  4. Finn is adorable . . may he bring mountains of love and joy into your family for years to come.

    LOVE when the complete family can get together. Last time it happened for us was when my SIL died . . sad.but really n ice seeing everyone.

    When you talked about the cousins playing . . my cousins lived at least 1 hour from us, and their dad had a weird working schedule so we only saw each other on Holidays and then spent a week at each other's house. To this day, when we see each other it is like we have never been apart.

    It has made me a believer in the power of the DNA and blood that runs through relatives.

  5. Congrats Marlene on little Finn.Hes adorable.

  6. Many congratulations to all concerned, he's a little smasher. How lovely that all the family could be together, I'm sure many happy memories were made. Hope all goes well with the house move.

  7. Little Finn is very cute! So nice to have family all together. We're also rather spread out around the globe, so it's not easy to be at the same place at the same time.
    Beautiful family photo!



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