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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Happy birthday Nanna

Yesterday was my birthday
I love cards with Nana on from our special little boys.
 Fliss had already given me the knitting book, but she also gave me the sewing stand with the pin cushion on top. 
Josh and Sam gave me the Christmas fabric.
 Su knows how much I love these candles, and a new scent for me Blackberry and Bay, 
I also love the letter M not sure how I am going to use it yet.
 Cat my friend, was totally naughty and lovely in the same measure, and got me this trug,
 I have been looking for one for ages, but each one I saw hubby would point out a flaw to stop me purchasing it, this was got at a summer county show.
 I have done a bit more stitching, not too much and none last night.
 I passed this kit on to Cat to stitch, she is off work and has loads of time in the day, she has finished and passed the design back to me, if anyone want to have the pattern, just let me know I will send it to you, there are no threads or linen, just the pattern.
Kev got me a fine gold ankle chain, I have been looking for one for ages, I am also having 2013 book published this week, as part of my present.
Sam and Josh popped in at six, with cards and presents, Sam was happy when my 1st birthday cake was brought in, he helped me to blow out the candles, and the boys took the rest of the cake home.
Last night Kev cooked a family meal, Fliss is away, so Su, David, Cat and myself had a perfect meal, I had loads of things I really love, hubby is such a great cook, but I did have to pass on the 2nd  birthday cake at the end of the meal. The table was set, loads of candles, he did check which ones he could light, I have a few I don't use.
These days all I want is family life, it is sad Logan, mummy and daddy live so far away, but we do get to see them often. I love being at home, hubby loves to cook delicious meals.
We have a lazy weekend, I want to plant my few bulbs today, we do have to pop to Wilko's for some cleaning stuff, another night in, hubby loves X Factor, as does Fliss, I will just stitch and listen, I really can't be bothered with much TV.
I have a few new followers, I really can't under stand why anyone would want to read this, but thank you, having said that, ladies, I love to read your news and enjoy all your subjects, so everyone enjoy the weekend, wet or dry we always have loads of fun.


  1. Belated birthday wishes, its mine birthday on Monday, hubby and son have just disappeared on a shopping trip, so we are both called Marlene and we are both Scorpio's, x

  2. Happy belated birthday, mine will be on Tuesday and i will spending it alone :-( that trug is lovely what a lovely gift.
    I asked the shop about the linen but all we have left is 24hpi sorry.

  3. Happy belated birthday. You got some lovely pressies :) Enjoy the weekend x

  4. Happy Birthday Marlene. Lovely gifts.


  5. Happy Belated . . your family smothered you in LOVE :)

  6. Happy belated birthday, it sounds like you had a lovely day, and you received some beautiful gifts. I love the trug.



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