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Monday, 10 November 2014

Almost there

It's all done
Tonight I sent it to the publishers, all done on line, the process is so very easy. 
I just have a wait for about a week and then I will arrive, this is my 4th book.
The bonus was a 20% off deal
 I totally changed my mind last night, the stars were stitched in the lighter brown, I added the red to tie them into the rest of the design. They fit it well, I am really pleased with this, just one last star to sew and a little bit of back stitching and it will be done.
 The whole design
 My trug is being put to good use, I have all my Christmas fabrics in here and my sewing projects to complete, it is a perfect size, and for now it can stay as my sewing basket. I am not ready to put it in the shed yet, it is far too beautiful to be hidden away.
Soon I will do some more stitching, and then an early night. We had a huge thunder storm at 3am this morning and very heavy rain, almost every one I have spoken to today was woken up last night. The sky was bright as day each time the lightening came, and the claps of thunder was deafening. Both cats slept on our stairs, where there are no windows.
Tomorrow is a sewing evening, I will get my machine out, I have a few small items to make for myself and a cushion to make for my friend, she has stitched a beautiful horses head for her daughter.
Wednesday I have a friend popping in, Thursday is free at this point.
Friday we are heading for Somerset, evening with my brothers and Saturday with both Kev's son's their wives, Su and Fliss are travelling down and we are going for a huge family meal. We are still waiting for our 5th grandson to be born, spoke to mummy tonight and she is more than ready for the arrival, Logan is nor so bothered.


  1. Hooray on the book and the stitching looks great too!

  2. Great stitching Marlene.


  3. how exciting finishing another book, sounds like you have a full on week have fun :-)

  4. The cross stitch is beautiful and the stars work well with it. I don't blame you not wanting to put your lovely trug away, I'd use it the year round, summer in the garden and winter in the house.



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