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Friday, 1 August 2014

Round the bend

Just as the title says, I am getting on with this European Cushion
It is a joy to stitch, I always stitch large designs, I love the scales of these pieces, plus if I just stitched small designs, I would have loads in my to be finished box. Normally around this point I can get bored with the design and look for a quickie to stitch, but I can't see it happening this time, I love the shades I have chosen, some are close to the original and others I used just because I loved the shades together. I still might add one more colour for the central panels, but for now I will keep going on the outside. The design was not published in DMC threads.
On my last internet shop I purchased this kit, I love stitching designs with balance, and these colours are so me, I will use the whole kit, at 28dpi, it's a size I like. I did order another Rovaris heart design, but that still has to arrive.
 I got some beautiful white roses last time we went shopping, with my orchid they look great, after my last bunch of flowers had gone over the room looked a bit bare, the orchid is an old plant which flowered again.

My garden is looking good, I am hoping for the promised rain this weekend, the ground needs a good soaking, I have just dead heading in the flower section, and waiting for the tomatoes to turn red in the veg, I hope to get another small harvest over the next few days. My pepper plants are really late this year, most of them do not yet have flowers.
My lime plant is flourishing (still only three healthy leaves) and the lemon pip has a healthy root.
I have swapped some cuttings for two of my small shrubs, so Su and David won't get so many now, with a neighbour, I noticed a couple for spaces in the garden whilst enjoying her coffee on Wednesday.
The new job yesterday did not go well, it was not as I expected, all very restricting and I was immediately confronted by boxes of archiving paperwork, I can't lift and had told them at my interview. It was also suggested I should not wear makeup, jewelry and wear flat shoes all of which they saw at my interview, anyone who knows me, has never seen me any different, so last night hubby and I agreed for me not to go back. So back to the job hunt.
Paula, Cucamelons are from South America, they are small grape size and taste very fresh with a hint of lime, slow starters, they have now gone mad and I can't wait for the harvest.


  1. Your European cushion is looking stunning.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was good to re-find your blog again! :-)

  2. The cross stitching is lovely. I haven't cross stitched for ages, must go and find some!
    That job sounded awful, and obviously they didn't take much notice of you if they said something about re - dressing and make-up etc.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I googled and when I read that they were also known as "Mexican Sour Cucumbers" Gene knew what they were.

    Your sampler is looking good.

  4. Sorry to hear about the job, but glad you found out right at the start before you'd put anything of yourself in to it, better to find out now. It sounds like you've done the right thing leaving. The roses look lovely with your orchid. None of my three orchids are in flower at the moment, I'm just waiting for them to send up new flower spikes.

  5. More awesome progress Marlene. I so love that piece and the colors that you've chosen.


  6. Good luck in you job search.

  7. Found your blog and what a super blog it is.. I read right back it was so interesting, sorry about the job. What sort of job was that where they said no make up.. I can't imagine you made up like a Jezebel!! Love your current stitching and love the progress report on your lime seed. Only a gardener would realise what an exciting thing it is to grow something like that. I have a peach or could be nectarine seedling, it must have been in the compost and when my hubby put some on my flower bed in the spring, it had split open and there was this tiny leaf.. now seeing yours I think I need to pot it up, at present it is in water but growing well.
    Happy days
    Hope the weather held out for your BBQ

  8. I still love that piece! It has such lovely colors.



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