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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Where did that week go

My sewing machine is still out, but as yet I have not had much chance to use it. The green box holds all my finished cross stitch, I also have a bag of fabrics for finishing, plus my Christmas material, the blue box holds some of my cottons reels, as does the box it is sat on. 
 Yesterday was my leaving meal from the Sea Cadets, a bit late but it was the last day for the other lady. They always have a sketch done for you, this time they framed them and added the little plate, all ready to go on the wall. I do love mine, I have a few, but this is the 1st with colour. A very clever artist.
 I now have a nice shoot from the Avocado and strong roots, but this is the easy bit, it gets hard when you try and plant it. The Lemon (smaller) and Lime plants are both doing well,  the growth on the Lime has slown down, but both are healthy.
 In the back garden along my herb bed, my cucamelon plant is huge, and looking much better than the plant in the green house, I will have more strawberries to pick soon. This area is still very green.
 The flower beds are not looking so good, the cooler weather we have had is tricking the gardens into thinking autumn  has arrived, we are fore caste for some more warmer weather, September is normally a warm month. This rose with it's visitor is beautiful.
 My harvest today is healthy, I have three different tomatoes, just a few of each, the smaller red ones were from a hanging plant, a very interesting way to grow them. I have loads of cucamelons on the plants, but we are having a BBQ next weekend so I am saving them, I also have a couple of cucumbers, which I want to harvest next weekend. First harvest for peppers, mine are all late this year. A small harvest of Raspberries, it was wet on Thursday when the boys visited, so for once we can have some.
It has been a very busy week, I have not picked up Winter Watergarden as yet, I do need to do some careful counting before stitching, and when it is busy here I prefer not to risk it. But I am getting withdrawal from not stitching. We do not have much planned for this weekend, so maybe tomorrow.
It was David's 30th birthday yesterday, so we popped in for cake after our lunch, his birthday meal has been delayed, his brother is working oversea's.
I am busy planning for Tuesday, hubby is 65, so it's the big birthday, he is not bothered, but I do want the day to be special, hope to surprise him. On Saturday we are having a family get together in our garden, with afternoon tea and later a BBQ, this will enable family to be able to travel to see him.


  1. Yes, I think I shall p op over and eat some things from your garden . . they all look so fresh and delicious :)

  2. Your produce looks so lovely.
    Birthday wishes to hubby, hope he enjoys a lovely day.

  3. Your garden is looking amazing and I love the picture you got - it's brilliant. Think I've missed a lot so going to spend time catching up over the next few days. Happy 65th birthday to your husband and a barbq is a perfect way to celebrate :)



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