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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Back garden

Southsea front, in Portsmouth, we popped down yesterday, first time in ages,
 I forget how lovely this place is, so near but a nightmare to drive to. 
We went on the bike and then went for a ride afterwards.
 My Salvia in the garden is not as great as normal, some thing is eating it !
 I have sorted both greenhouses, on the left is full of cucumbers, with a few peppers, on the right just peppers, I did have tomatoes here, but I have composted them. Plus a couple of trays of seeds.
  I have sorted my big veg tubs, hubby is going to build me a raised garden here, for salad and small veg, it will run along the back fence. I love this area,  it's productive and beautiful at the same time.
 My couple of cheap shrubs are growing well, and my cutting from the box plants have all taken, I will leave them for a bit longer before re-potting.  This afternoon, I have been sorting out pots, planting bulbs for the spring and loads of pansy seeds.
 My avocado stone now has more roots on it, and when looking inside the split I am sure I can see the start of a green shoot, it still sits on the tripod in water.
 My lemon pip now has three tiny leaves on it, so I think I can call it a plant, and the leaves on the Lime plant are huge.  The window sill where they live has sun shine most of the day and they love it.
In February, Kev gave me a house plant, which when it had finished I place in the garden, the main plant went very scruffy, but today I took 3 side shoots off and potted them up, so hopefully I will have some new plants. Also in Feb I took my Amaryllis bulb into the greenhouse to dry out, I checked it today and there are new shoots forming from the centre, so I have potted it and placed it in my shed, which is dark and warm, I hope it will grow again.
I have planted loads of Salvia, East Friesland into my flower boarder, they were in pots by our front door for the past three years, I will find something new for the pots for next summer.
We popped into Wilko's again today and got another bargain, John Innes potting compost reduced from £2.50 to £1.50, just in time for me to plant my pansy seeds.
I have had a lovely afternoon in the garden, just doing a few jobs and keeping it tidy, in two weeks we are having a garden party and BBQ for hubbys birthday.
Not done any stitching, but I have found a quickie to do, in fact I aim to stitch it twice, and then on to Winter Watergarden.

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  1. You have such green fingers, everything looks so wonderfully healthy.



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