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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Going quickly

Grace is giving me another straight look, she loves resting on this rug, just inside the door on hot days. Once there are shadows about, she is outside. She spends all day in the house or garden, she does not wander at all.
End of Monday night
Last night
The stitching on this bit is simple and I can stitch quickly, without fear of miss counting. Once these sections are finished I can get back to the fun bit. 
 Fliss has started Once upon a Time, she is using the colours from the design, she is a bit further on, but I can't get a photo this morning. We both have loads of stitching time, Fliss is resting and feeling better, the stitching helps fill the time.
 The Magnolia tree is flowering again, and the garden is looking good, we had a small amount of rain last night, and it should be raining this morning, but with blue skies, I don't think we will see any more of the wet stuff.
 My pips and stones on the office window sill are doing well, the Avocado stone now has a root forming, I will have to read on the next stage at this point it is on a wet kitchen towel. I have a forth leaf on the Lime plant.
Nothing much is happening here, I am making plans for next week, I will have Josh and Sam each day and Logan will arrive on Wednesday evening, I am hoping Sam will stay over with Logan, they get on so well together. Josh loves it when Logan is around, he plays with Sam, and Josh gets time to himself.
For the rest of this week, it's sewing and chatter with Fliss. Most of the garden is up to date, so it's time to enjoy all the hard work.


  1. Beautiful garden and stitching pics.

    Grace is a gorgeous kitty!

  2. Cousins make the BEST memories :)

  3. You have been busy! Love your kitty and your garden,

  4. Awww, Grace is so pretty, she knows there's no place like home. Glad to hear that Fliss is feeling a little better, a bit of rest, relaxation and tlc can work wonders.

  5. Have fun with the boys.
    Great stitching progress.



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