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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Finishes and stash

We have our dinning room table back, I did some sewing yesterday, I still have loads to do, and have made plans for some patchwork, only very simple. 
 I made two more small Christmas cushions, I have had the Christmas cross stitch in my box forever. The Christmas fabric I purchased many years ago, without any plans, just three different designs, they are a good quality cotton.
 I have decided to give Leanna the top (1st made) cushion, I have made mine just a bit simpler, I do need to add a few words above the tree, red cushion is also for me to keep. I will stuff and finish them later today.
 This design has finally arrived, it was purchased in my last order in early August and was out of stock, I am itching to stitch it, but will keep Winter Watergarden in the frame.
 I purchase the chart for this, e cosa bella natura I fell in love the moment I saw it, I have not stitched a long narrow piece before, can't wait for it's arrival. I found it at Crafty Kitten. This was purchased before I decided to join Sue's September drive, see below.
 Just one shot from Friday, we make a neat team plus a few from the district, it was fun to see them all again and very sad to say goodbye. Ann and I will have lunch together this week, to catch up with gossip.
I follow loads of blogs, ladies (and guys) who have the same loves as myself, and in the past few years I have been sorting clutter and unnecessary things from our lives. Sue at Our New Life in the Country  is a master at this, and in September she is having a Low spend/No spend and I am joining in.
I plan to use the hoard of food in our big freezer in the garage, we have enough clothes, not to need to purchase any more (we have been good for ages, and passing all the sales to wear what we already own)
The only hiccup I have to allow is hubbies 65th BBQ next weekend, but already I have found items in the freezer to use, and will stick to the low spend as much as I can.
It will be very interesting to see  what changes we make, but it should be just more of what we have been trying to do, and a very good time to stop purchasing chocolate and snacks, which will help with the pounds I have put back on.


  1. I have several long-ish samplers which I L*O*V*E!

    You will find this sampler will add so much interest to a wall when framed . . the shape is so pleasing to the eye :)

    Oh, your cushions look so nice too and I LOVE your new LOVE :)

  2. Superb Christmas finishes.
    A very handsome group picture.

  3. It's always nice to get a table back :) your cushions are lovely and love your new projects. That's a great photo and I love your idea of no spend/low spend,

  4. Love all the finishes Marlene. I don't really like to work on long pieces cause my big tummy gets in the way.




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