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Thursday, 28 August 2014

All made up

I did manage to make this cushion up
 I love the fabric with the tree, but I have a small dirty mark above the stitching, I will have to sort it out. This is the total sum of getting my sewing machine out yesterday, I had a friend pop in for most of the afternoon.
 Daughter Fliss has made me this sewing roll.
 It is a great size and nicely padded to hold my scissors, I must admit it would make a great makeup holder. I will have to see which contents fit better, either way, I love the colours, what a real nice gift.
 Fliss's progress with 'Once upon a Time', she does not have as much stitching time as me, but it's looking good, she is still using the published colours.
 Today, Fliss came around with Josh and Sam, so the house gave way to loads of toys, Sam loves his road mat and all the cars, Josh had loads of Lego, Star wars and Harry Potter. Fliss did manage to stitch, but I resisted, I find it far to easy to miscount on Winter Watergarden.
 Hubby brought home these roses for me, I had a big problem last night with our mortgage insurance, and managed to get it sorted this morning. It was pleasing to hear them say it was their error and they will put it right. I even had an apology from them for the stress their letter caused us.
We did manage to pop to the park this afternoon, Sam and Josh ran about and played together, when the sun did show itself it was really warm, and we managed to get back home before the rain. The garden is looking good, the weekend rain (which equalled a month's rain for us) has helped every where, our lawn is now back to green.
We also had fun with Grancha, he was challenged with the ice bucket, and we had to throw iced water over him, and he then donated £3 to Macmillan, the boys thought it was great fun, I now have every thing crossed I am not nominated, you can pay the fine of £10 if you don't want to get wet.
I am tired tonight, so no stitching, but I have left my sewing machine out, and will try and finish a few more items, I do fancy doing some sewing.
Tomorrow we are out to lunch at HMS Nelson ward room it a a beautiful setting for a lunch. This is the last get together for Sea Cadets, so it will be a sad day as well.


  1. I look at our tree and am in awe of the time and labor needed for all the beading! It looks fabulous.

  2. Lovely finish Marlene. Your daughter's piece looks great.


  3. It looks stunning, you should be so proud of your work :-)
    Lucky girl having such a thoughful hubby the roses are fantastic.
    Enjo your dinner out.

  4. Love your cushion...the beading is awesome!

  5. Your tree looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela

  6. Gorgeous little finish :-D very nice work on the fairytale as well.

  7. Super little Christmas pillow, its lovely.
    Well done to your daughter, her stitching is lovely, a nice design.

  8. I love your Christmas tree cushion - it looks so sparkly and Fliss's sewing js lovely too



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