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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hello Bertha

It's a wet stormy day here, we have the last remains of Hurricane Bertha, 
for our spot in southern England it is a welcome amount of rain.
 I know some parts of the UK will have flooding today, but in the driest area, this amount of rain will help our gardens. Bertha will hang around all day, and affect our weather for the next couple of days.
Back to the fun part, stitching.
European Cushion
I have done loads on this, I hope to finish the outer boarders this week. 
I still love this design it is just so pretty.
Once upon a Time, this is Fliss's project 
We have sat and stitched most days this week. The rest has helped to improve Fliss's health. I love the colours on this, it is stitched true to the design, the only colour Fliss is unsure of is the grey title at the top, the shade is used again in each section to add the month. These are colours which I would never choose to use, but it's a design I would never choose either. 
My ORT jar is looking good, I always keep my used threads, they, make the best stuffing for small projects, plus I love to see this jar on my shelf.
 This is from Jan 1st
My windowsill garden is doing well, the root on my avocado is growing, I now have the stone resting on a tripod, in water, so there is room for the roots to grow. I have another leaf on the Lime plant, and the root on my lemon pip is growing, photo's next time. I have not done much in the garden, it's that time of year where you can rest and enjoy all the work. Next week I have Josh and Sam each day, so the garden will be in use, with football and any other game little boys want to play.
I am now harvesting cucamelons, I forgot to get a photo, and as fast as I pick them they are gone, every one wants to try them, the outside bush is doing as well as the bush in the greenhouse. We love the taste and they are perfect little snacks with small tomatoes.
It's gone very dark and we have thunder, so all the lights are on inside, we are going to sort our small attic, it's a mess up there,


  1. It's rainy here too today, it looks like it's in for the day so there will be no outdoor activities. I love the cross stitch which Fliss is doing, it's so cute. It's lovely having someone who shares the same hobby, it's always nice to have a crafting buddy.

  2. We had a stormy afternoon here in our part of the states yesterday. The cushion piece is so lovely! And the Once Upon A Time is interesting!

  3. Both pieces look great Marlene.


  4. I think I would outline the title in Once Upon a Time to make the gray stand out . . . I'll bet it will be cute when finished . . . just mot my color choices for the border, but the inside looks gread.

  5. I hope your garden survived the heavy rain and winds that have battered us, its bucketing it down as I type this!
    Great progress by Fliss on her project.

  6. Fabulous stitching! We've had a fair bit of rain here too, at times it's been far too dark for stitching!



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