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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Beady finish

It has rained here for the past two days, loads of heavy rain, so inside we stay.
 I have finished beading my 1st tree
 I found the tree topper in my stash box
I have searched out my Christmas material, and decided on these two, I will get my sewing machine out tomorrow and sew it together, hubby is home today. I prefer to use my machine when I am on my own I can then spread out. I will try and finish a few other projects, I have some hearts to make up.
 I used two size of seed beads, these are the normal size, I mixed loads together,
I also used petite seed beads along the top of the branches. 
I will bead the 2nd tree later, it will be a gift for my sister Leanna
This morning we met Su and David for breakfast in Costa Coffee, which was a 1st for us, we chatted for almost two hours, they are both on holiday this week, it was a real nice way to start the day.
Fliss is also on holiday this week, today is a day at home for her and the boys.
Our garden is looking good for all the rain, I did manage to pick some tomatoes this morning, I only had time for a quick dash out, I still get withdrawal symptoms if I don't visit my shed, and I wanted to ensure the Amaryllis was doing OK and not dry.  I can't imagine life without a garden.
My window sill plants are growing well, the Lemon now has four small leaves on, the Lime leaves are huge. The Avocado now has a very small green shoot coming through the top of the split, all very rewarding.


  1. Wow thats gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I love that tree! Using all those beads as decor makes it so pretty!

  3. That tree is perfect.

    I always enjoyed growing Avocado plants . . I had luck while they were in water but, once I planted them, they died . . so I kept them in water as long as I could.

  4. The beaded tree is stunning Marlene.


  5. Wow, the tree looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela



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