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Monday, 25 August 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Finally I am stitching, this is another design from Pintrest
 I am stitching two, but in each case only the tree, just two colours so a quickie. 
I will add beads to the branches.
 My sister is a hoarder, and can not buy just what she needs, here are a few of her seed beads, she has confessed she has never used any of these, they were purchased 'just in case' They came home with me for this project, I will keep a few and the rest will go back, I have no need for them.
 This is my aim for the finish, I won't copy it just use it as a guide.
 I think it is beautiful.
 Yesterday Josh was 9, and for his birthday he went to Harry Potter World.
 Just a few photo's of the fun they had.
 Sammy loved the motorbike
The boys will be with me one day in the week, so I will hear all the stories of the best bits, Josh is not good with photo's. Sammy climbed on every thing he could, both boys had a great day.
I have pulled out Winter Watergarden it's time I finished it, I looked at it in June 2013, but last stitched it in June 2011. I have everything I need, I just need to focus on the next section.
Not done much this weekend, I am hobbling about like an old woman, I have trapped a nerve in my lower back, which runs down to my left leg, so I can't sit or stand, and now on the second day, I am grumpy.
It's wet outside, so no bike ride, we will pop out later for a Pizza, but other than that, it's stitching and chatting to hubby.


  1. Looks like the grandchildren had a a lovely birthday treat. The Christmas tree looks absolutely wonderful
    Julie xxx

  2. Great place for a birthday treat.
    Hope you are soon pain free and can sit and enjoy your stitching.

  3. That tree will be so pretty with the beads on it. Sounds like the boys had fun.


  4. That tree is STUNNING! I could go back to Cross Stitch for that!

  5. That tree looks fantastic!
    Sounds like the kids had a great time.

  6. The tree is lovely! I admire the pace you set with your stitching :-)
    Looks like your DGS enjoyed himself on his birthday!

  7. Gorgeous stitching :D I love the idea of using the beads.

  8. Would love to go to Harry Potter world - was hoping to go this year. I do hope your back is better :(



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