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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Busy week

I'm on Nanna's duty this week, so the house is full of Sam's little cars, diggers, nee nar's (police cars to everyone else), and for Josh it's all Lego and Dr Who, the latter is great because I have always loved Dr Who. Josh still hides from the camera, this was taken on Monday morning, each day the toy numbers have grown.
 Josh was very interested in my window sill garden, he loved both of these. The Avocado stone now has a good root and the stone has cracked. The Lime plant is so much bigger, the leaves are healthy and large. The Lemon pip has a much bigger root, but not yet sprouting any top growth.
 My tomatoes are a disappointment this year, it's the first year I have grown them from seed, the vine and yellow tomatoes were both grown in the greenhouse and I have had limited fruits, the plants are small and are already dying off. The two 'money spinner' plants grown outside are better, but the fruits are still very green. I am having a great harvest of cucamelons, I pick a huge handful every other day, I love their taste, I also picked a cucumber and a couple of large courgettes. Any raspberries and strawberries I pick are munched by both boys.
 I have finished stitching the outer boarders from European cushion, this is not the best photo, just the centre to complete, I have decided to add another colour, and picked DMC3854, which is a sunny orange colour. Using it with the pale yellow should help to bring the center together. I can now see the finish line, and will start thinking about my next project, I hope to do a quickie and then pull out Winter Watergarden.
This is my 600 post, I started blogging back in 2009, each year I turn my blog into books, and today the boys and I looked through my three books, they loved seeing their photo's in a book. 2013 is almost read for printing, I just need to read through one final time, I have already started 2014, it is much easier to do a month at a time, I use a company called Blurb, which is in both UK and USA. It is very interesting to see how I and my blog have changed over the last few years.
I am home alone this evening, Kev is driving back from Somerset with Logan, for the rest of the week I will have 3 boys, we have a couple of plans, but it all depends on the weather, today we have had loads of little storms, just enough rain to keep you inside, we did manage to pop to the beach at tea time, only for 30 minutes, but enough to tire out both boys. 
The house looks like a tip, I will give it a quick clean after I have finished on here, I have boxes of toys every where. Both Purdy and Grace have been outside all day, I have left my shed open so they could shelter in there, both cats are pleased when the boys are gone home each day.


  1. Sounds like nanna duty is fun and love the book idea.

  2. Its so lovely Marlene. I'm gonna hate not seeing updates when its done.


  3. I love the sound of them books from your blog, what a great idea :-)

  4. A busy but fun week for you Marlene, precious time with your grandchildren.

    Cucamelons looks wonderful.



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