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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stitching and free flowers

I did manage to do some stitching whilst in France, I took sleeping cats but found I wanted a simpler design, so I found a shop, I could only get 18dpi, which is very big for me.
 This is my design, I did the diamond first and then decided to make a heart, it's just two colours, the random yellow and a grey. I will put the pattern in my free pattern file, I just have to finish the outer sections. 
 Free flowers
 I love my white Orchids, the one above has been flowering since March, the plant below has buds forming, so promise of beautiful blooms to come. The Orchid flower is just perfect.
 This was a pip from lime, still a small single leaf, but it's the first time I have succeeded to grow from pip. I looked tips up from the internet, and found someone having success, who washed the pip until all everything from the lime had washed away and then planted it, I have kept the compost wet.
Hubby is away tonight so I am having a simple tea, I have french bread with garlic, tomato puree and mozzarella cheese heated in the oven, served with a salad and french ham. Lettuce, basil are from our garden, still waiting for cucumbers, tomatoes and garlic. First time for growing garlic, when do I know it's ready to pull?
Not sure what I will do tonight, probably catch up on some recorded programmes on TV from the past few weeks, and another early night.


  1. When I first moved here, my brother in law took myself, Gene and my mother in law on a ride into the country. One of the stops was at the home of "the garlic man."

    They have been stopping there for years. When he harvests his garlic, he braids them. We bought a braid and I couldn't cut any of the garlic off . . . it looks so good hanging in the kitchen.

    Hope you get some long enough to braid the leaves :) It looks AWESOME!

    h, I love your heart too . . you know me and my love affair with your hearts :)

  2. Super stitching design.
    mmmm your tea looks delicious ... i'll be right over lol.



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