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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Here come the birds

Did I fool you
I have finished the design above the big panel
and then started stitching the birds, these should be yellow, but I did not think they would show up and wanted to use the brown again.
My stash has not arrived yet, that's the down side of great Internet prices, you have to wait for delivery. I have a bit more I can do on this. I have not stitched for two nights, been busy with the real world.
My lime pip now looks like a small plant, I'm a bit excited about this, 
I have never grown anything from a pip. 
Almost a free plant, it loves the window sill in the office
it is very warm and sunny here.
New flowers
All planted this year
My cuttings are still looking good
and my small plants have loads of new growth.
My Chocolate Cosmos is looking good, it's very late, but I'm OK with that, what it lacks this year will be made up next year. At half price, the kit was equal to the cost of the pot, so the plant is a bonus.
It's a strange week so far, I am in the office at work on my own, yesterday we could not get internet access, only to find the bods at HQ had paid the phone bill, but the payment bounced back and BT cut off our line. So they are trying to get it all put back, and BT are not playing fair. So half our building has Internet and the other half is dead, so two were working from home, I was computer sharing with our Business Manager, both our work is done on line.
Later I had my first telephone interview, for a new job which I sailed through, so hoping for an interview next week.
Su had a good look at this computer last night (bribed her with a free meal), it's very slow and will freeze if I work like mad, so I am typing slow. Hubby and I will be looking for a new box soon, we are away this weekend so it will be after that.
I have started planning my days next week, I want to declutter the house, when we moved in 4 years ago, I got rid of loads, but we have things not touched since we have been here and it's all going. I am loving the simpler life and finding I don't need so many gadgets, the amount of stuff we buy because it's popular, every time you enter a supermarket, there is loads they are trying to sell you, how many times have you purchased something useful, which in real terms makes more work, ie the cleaning of it after use. We not longer go shopping in town every Saturday, and spend out time relaxing in the house or garden.
Goodness I sound like my mum!

Has anyone a copy of Blackberries by Clara Waever, I saw in it an old magazine, I don't require the kit, just the pattern, happy to pay for it and cost of posting.


  1. Your cross stitching is coming on a treat. It looks beautiful. I have just got into gardening after being retired for two years, the last two years I spent de-cluttering its true you don't need to have lots of stuff!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. The birds looks splendid.
    We are in the process of throwing lots out too and like you only buy what we need now.

  3. I rather like the birds in a darker color!

  4. Your cross stitch is beautiful. I've only attempted cross stitch once and it never got finished but I had a kit bought for me for Christmas which I haven't got round to starting yet, I really must pull my finger out.



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