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Friday, 11 July 2014

Going orange

My tomatoes are turning orange, these are small on the vine ones, can't wait.
 French beans for Sunday lunch.
 My hubby had a 'saw this and thought of you' moment
Beautiful fresh fruit
 My stitching, I have completed the inner box, showing the size of the panels, I thought the green shape looked like a pot, wanted green in this panel, so I dug out a bright green, I will use it again on another panel above.
It is so nice to be able to harvest this week, all my hard work has paid off, not everything grows so well, but the fun is in the trying and the eating when successful. Not much to do in the garden this weekend, just enjoy my time outside, fingers crossed the weather is kind.
We have arrived home tonight to row brewing in our street, our mad catwoman next door, drives a big old Jag, and parks it everywhere and anywhere, tonight she has parked outside her own house, the problem is there is an unwritten rule we all park on the other side of the road, ensuring everyone is able to park their vehicles and people can drive by. By parking on our side of the road she is stopping three cars parking on the other side, already there are neighbours coming home and driving around, we will have to wait and see what happens, this is not a problem for us, but shows how selfish she is, as there were loads of parking in the road which she ignored, it will be middle of next week before she drives her car again.
Work was good, I am not motivated to work as hard as I normally do, but most things have been done this week, next week is my last week, my CV is already out.
We are home all weekend, we have another busy time next weekend, no plans as yet, just loads of laughter, a bit of wine and a meal out tomorrow.


  1. your harvesting is going well, thats the one I thing I miss with the move is not having all our veg to harvest.

  2. keep us posted on any happenings with the catwoman's Jag this week :)

  3. We had a neighbour like that! He would just park his car where it stopped! So the front end would stick out, or the back end would stick, or he would leave it across other drives so people couldn't get in or out. Police had to be involved in the end.
    Julie xxxx



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