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Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekend break

We were away for a couple of days, staying near Telford, beautiful hotel, lovely staff, but a wedding venue, with two different weddings both Saturday and Sunday was busy, and the disco was very noisy, will have to check on our next break, would not want the same situation again. 
 We spent a morning at Ironbridge, and loved the bridge over the gorge.
 The wild flower garden was beautiful, so many poppies
Then on to Weston Park, Weston-Under-Lizzard, 
Old house, gardens and park lands.
 We did not go into the house, just spent the afternoon in the gardens.
 I loved the box hedges in the formal gardens.
 This lavender was full of bee's
 Another formal garden
Just a few tree's in the middle of a huge lawn, loads of families eating picnics here, and so huge each had their own space. 
 Further along a beautiful lake
 Tear drop garden, the hedged garden is in the shape of a teardrop, 
many years ago a child was buried here.
 Looking over the terrace to the park land, 
here there was sheep and cattle, again just huge.
At the green houses hubby found a local, came out of the shade to say hello
 In the courtyard this huge planter (using the word huge alot), 
I love the tap on the side. 
We had fun away, we normally do not visit gardens, but we wanted to stay away from towns and city's, it was not a break for shopping. I did buy an ornament for the garden, I need to take a photo for my next blog.
The weekend thunderstorms enabled my garden to stay looking good, I have some harvest to collect for tomorrow, whilst it was dry where we were staying.
We got home earlier than expected today, we did not get to sleep until after 1am this morning, and after breakfast we drove straight home, we were going to visit Shrewsbury, but we were both tired. So an early night is calling.
I have done a small amount of stitching this afternoon, my parcel with my Internet shopping has not yet arrived, so I am still doing the boring stitching.
Tomorrow morning I have my 1st job interview, and then I will pop into the office to see Ann, just to ensure everything is covered.
Thursday morning I have a 2nd Interview, this is for another charity for a children's home, I am very interested in this role.
Nothing else planned as yet for this week, I do want this computer to be checked and updated, we think I have a corrupted small hard drive which we will replace and update with Windows 7, which I like.


  1. I wonder what that huge urn was used for since it has the spigot/water tap on the side.

    I so loved the older homes and gardens when we were in England.

    I read something today about a ship that lost a cargo of Legos somewhere close to the southern shore of England in 1997 and these toys are still washing up on the beaches. Have you ever found any?

  2. A lovely garden you visited, shame about the noisy guests at the hotel.

    Good luck at the interviews.

  3. What a lovely garden - There are so many wonderful gardens and stately houses to visit in the UK - I don't know how you chose!



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