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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Early start and catch up

These flowers were a gift from a lady I worked with, each morning she would have her tea break as I arrived in the office, and we would chat for a while. I enjoyed her company, she always had lovely photo's to show me, and we both love our gardens. She choose yellow and white flowers because I love the colours.
 Our first bigger harvest, just the potatoes from the shop, the carrots are historic seeds and very sweet, the ham wrapped around the chicken was purchased in France, a tasty meal, we also have tomato's and lettuce.
 Back to my lime pip/plant, the top leaves are above the pot, 
 From our weekend away, 
I purchased this mushroom for the garden, I love the colour and texture, 
hubby purchased the sign, it's slate.
 Later I will find spots for both.
 My Orchids are doing well, the pink one was on my window sill at work, I did offer it to Ann, but she was worried she would kill it, so it has come home, the white flowers behind is another free plant, this is the 3rd time for flowers.
European Cushion
 I started a half flower in yellow, this should be blue, but I think I will have too much blue here, the birds are all finished. I managed to stitch most of the left side boarder, and another brown section on the right.
My package arrived yesterday, which is great timing. I always know what to order, I keep the little bands from DMC threads, so I was surprised when I looked for the green thread, it was not there, I must have lost the band from it. Now I have a problem, I have to get the green I need it to complete the right side, but I do not know what colour it might be.
 It is a beautiful sunny morning here, I have washed the curtains from our bedroom, they have been up since we moved in almost 5 years, they are on the line drying, later I will iron them and rehang them. The window is huge and we only have one pair of curtains.
I have just this week at home, my plans have been cut back, I went for an interview yesterday and was offered the job, I can start on Monday, it's local and the hours are great. A bit of a shock getting the offer so quickly. I still have another interview for tomorrow, this is for a children's charity, I am still going to go, I don't think I will get the role, but it will be good to find out more.
Today is a day at home, bit of housework, gardening and stitching, all whilst the sun is shinning, Bliss.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the new job, well done.
    Lots of lovely things to see in this post.



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