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Sunday, 29 June 2014

In the French Forest

This is the tall tree from which we did our zip wire over the lake
 It's an adventure in the tree's, much like Go Ape, here in UK.
Every where you look up, there are platforms 
 Each platform leads to another test of your skills
 There were 5 levels
 This bit was really hard.
 We did two levels, the next two were beyond me.
I am keeping every thing crossed this video will play, the best bit zip wire across the lake, then two challenges and the shorter zip wire back.
One of my friends says I am a bit of a dare devil, well, I will hang my boots up for now.
Yesterday was alot of driving, but nice to see hubby's family.
Today both daughters popped in, we sat in the sunshine drinking tea and chatting. I have done all my housework, the garden is looking good. Soon I will go for a shower and then watch some TV. No stitching again today, I am tired, might even get a glass of wine.
Hope you have had fun, and avoided most of the heavy showers.

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