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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Come for a walk

European cushion is coming along well
 I have started the final design at the bottom, there are large blue flowers and yellow (or brown) birds to be added to this panel, but I will finish all this colour first. The design is so pretty, no other word for it.
 After work I took a walk around the back garden, it has been warm and sunny today, after yesterdays rain the garden looks good. We are promised another two days of rain, so we are having a very English Summer.
 Tennis is over, but not my strawberries, loads of flowers and fruits forming. Talking of Tennis, the gentleman's final was the best match in ages, it was a shame to have a winner. 
The dahlia is new this year another from the bargain bucket, 
I love the colour of the flowers.
The herb patch is looking good, I have cleared a couple of huge plants, so there is room for the thyme's to grow, my onions are coming along well, I have both red and white onions planted.
My Acer and Twisted Willow are growing well, the Willow has tripled it's size in the last few months.
 The veg patch, looks overgrown, tomato plants are almost the same height as me, everything is so close to harvest time. We have had some nice little gem lettuce. In the front long tub are Saliva grown from seed, it took 3 goes but finally I have plants.
 These four plants are from my bargain pack, the middle plant is the one I want for my front bed, I can see new growth on each plant. The cutting from the box plants are looking good, all stood up and looking fresh, fingers crossed Monty was right and they are easy to grow.
 And finally, my window sill is looking a bit strange, the window gets sun for most of the day and is a perfect place to watch things grow. In the square glass I have an avocado stone, in the round glass I have a peach stone, both sat on kitchen paper which I am keeping wet. In the third pot my lime shoot has doubled in size, I have also added two lemon pips. Just a bit of fun, but if I am lucky I might have a few more plants.
Work is good, missing Ann in the office, and the boss spoke to the other lady who is leaving and she is now much better, still very outspoken, but I am able to avoid her most of the time.
Home is fun, both daughters are happy, Josh has been cheering Germany since England and France went out, he is very happy they are in the final of the World Cup.
I will use my sewing machine tonight I have three pairs of jeans to take up. Later I will stitch more on European Cushion.


  1. Good luck with the windowsill goodies growing.

  2. The cushion is going to be stunning and I look forward to seeing the completed article, its has been interesting to watch it devlope

  3. Your stitching looks great Marlene as does your yard.


  4. I haven't had an Avacado plant for years . . . but they are pretty easy to grow and nice plants to have.

  5. Love the garden and your stitching work.



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