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Thursday, 3 July 2014


I have stitched last night, most of the progress on this was done before we went on holiday.
 I have run out of the green, will have to get to a shop. I want to start on the next pattern row, after that just a huge pattern for the bottom and then the boarders. I will do the infilling once I have done some of the next two designs, I want to see how it looks before deciding which colours to use as the filler stitches.
 Today is beautiful, they promised us the hottest day of the year, 
I'm not sure if it was, but a quick walk in the garden.
 Flowers are looking good, this plant below is huge, the second plant curled up and died, such a shame, this is their second year, I grew them from seed. This end of my new garden is the better looking part.
 This lily is new this year, I am hoping for a few more flowers. 
 My cucamelons are growing, can you see two forming. The plants are getting big, I have one in the greenhouse and one in the garden, to compare how well they grow, this one in the greenhouse is winning at this point.
All my veg is doing well, I have been cutting lettuce and herbs, the carrots should be ready to pull some this weekend. Tomato and cucumbers are forming and will be ready soon, my courgette plant has loads of flowers and forming fruit. Strawberries are coming along well and the raspberries are getting high, these are late croppers. I am having to water every evening, but I do enjoy being in the garden as it gets cool each evening. Over the weekend I want to weed and dig out some of the bigger plants in my herb garden, I have three which are now far to big.
No big plans for the weekend, a trip on the motorbike if it is dry enough, I would like to watch Dolly Parton from Glastonbury, it's on for two hours should be fun, I am not normally a fan, but her reviews were great and it should be a fun performance.

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  1. Gorgeous stitching and design Marlene. I so love the colors your using.




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