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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Adding Green

I have done loads on this
The bottom design is on hold for now, I have to place an order for more thread, which I will do today, I will stitch the outside patterns until the colours arrive. 
 To balance the bright green added to the bottom panel, I decided to use it again on this panel, it balances with the bright blue. It's very neat looking design.
 Every thing is coming together, I have large blue flowers to add in bottom panel, I have been toying with using a duller blue to balance it out, but I will decide after I have completed more of the outside designs. 
 My first harvest of veg, 
we are having them for tea with baby new potatoes (shop brought) and steak.
 I will be picking tomatoes soon
 When I created my tubs for veg, I used the compost from the bin I removed from the back of the garage, after, I read it's not great for growing root veg as they would fork and not produce perfect looking crop.
These may look different, but they taste great, they are a mixed crop.

Our neighbour has not moved her car, at the moment everyone is being polite, she is not parked illegal, but in the 5 years we have lived here everyone parks on the other side of the street. 
Yesterday we popped to see the house Su and David are buying, so a very excited couple, later we had lunch at our favorite coffee bar close by and last night we went for a nice Italian meal.
Today is a lazy day, not much housework to do, I have one week left at work, and then I will have plenty of time to clean. 
Later we hope to go out on the bike, it's been weeks, and we both need a nice ride out. We are hoping to find a farm shop so we can buy local produce. 
Tonight we will avoid the World cup final, neither of us like football, we have a few recorded programme to catch up with.
I am having problems with my computer, it keeps freezing and often won't open correct, so I will invite Su and David to tea and have them look at it, it's not that old, I think I might have a bug.


  1. I so love opening up Blogger on Sunday mornings and seeing that you have made a post.

    Your sampler is really coming along.

  2. I Love Sunday mornings, a late breakfast and blog to read and write.

  3. Wonderful progress on the cushion Marlene. I so love the colors and the designs.




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