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Friday, 16 May 2014

Sunny Friday evening.

I got home from work at just after 4pm and have been in the garden for almost 3 hours, our weather is beautiful, sunny and warm. I just headed for my shed and got stuck in. 
I am very pleased with every where.

 My veg tubs are coming along well, 
I have so many different things planted, 
the hope is to grow small veg and get loads of them.  
 The soft fruit are forming flowers, so promise of nice treats to come. 
My Goji bush is getting big, it have doubled in size in the 4 weeks I have had it. Most of the fruit I have planted has taken, I don't think I will get many gooseberries, blackcurrants or blueberries this season.
Since I have left tubs out to catch any rainwater, we have had a mini heatwave.

 Back to stitching, this is so full of promise, I have loads of the main colour to stitch, so this week I have been doing the outlines, it's coming along well. I am almost at the half way point on the left hand side.
 I love the neat straight lines.
I am sat here with a cider shandy, which for this warm evening is perfect.
Later we will watch the final of Master Chef, I am hoping Jack wins, but Ping is just as good, so at this point we have no idea who is in the lead.
Tomorrow is a day at home with a BBQ later, just 7 of us, so nice a easy. Sunday we are going to pick up our gates for the garden, it is the last task to do, we purchased 2nd hand ones at a great price. Hubby will have to clean them and paint them, but they will finish off out little bit of heaven. We were worried if we had new gates they would look out of place, our garden is mature.
My new feeders are bringing in the smaller birds, we mainly see the thugs (starlings) there are loads of young around, and most of them are bigger than their parents.
Hubby has cat proofed our neighbour Win's garden, he has blocked the broken fence at the bottom of the garden giving them nowhere to escape.
Fingers crossed they will stop coming down our path.
I'm off to stitch, my aches have arrived, might need a bath later.


  1. Your garden and sewing are both coming on a treat. Enjoy your cider shandy, Masterchef and have a great barbq. Hope your weather stays nice. Have a great weekend.

  2. Isn't this a wonderful time of year to be outside? It is hard for me to find time to stitch as my gardening passions take over.

  3. Your garden makes me jealous . . . it is so bright. Our garden is right between the dying of the daffodil, tulip and hyacinth flowers and the growing of the perennial summer flowers.

    We do have some flowers on the columbines so I think they will be pretty showy soon.



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