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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Feed the birds

I have been pushing on with this, very easy stitching, just using the one colour. I love the neat little patterns. I will decide what colours to use for the infill patterns, once I have done more of the outlining. 
 The centre panel is a nice size.
 On the weekend we purchased more bird feeders, the plan was to throw away a couple of the older ones, well plans can be changed, we had the pole on the right packed away. But now we have cut down the number of our neighbours cats coming into the garden, I wanted more feeders to bring in more small birds.
I do love the feeders hanging from the Magnolia Tree. 
 Hubby is not artistic at all, but he wanted to make me a sign for my shed, we could not find a sign we both liked, all he has to do is varnish this, the cats and flowers are stickers, I'm pleased with it and can't wait for it to go up.
This weekend I aim to plant out loads of my bedding plants, which will free up space in the greenhouses. Yesterday we had radish and herbs again as a harvest, I hope the salad leaves will be big enough next week. I have more carrot to sow, I want a supply through out the summer, they are my favourite vegetable.
We have a trip out on Sunday, we have purchased the iron gates for the garden, it has been hard getting the size required, not alot of choice, but we have found a set, but they are an hours drive away. Then the fun begins of putting them up.
Our weather is still all over the place, just need it to warm up a bit, the garden is ready for summer and we are itching to get the BBQ out, all the work and we are still waiting to be able to relax outside.

PS Dave the bear, is getting a waistcoat with all the badges on, and if I can make a hat and goggles as well, so he will be coming on both rides.


  1. Everything is looking so good in your yard. And the sampler is coming along well :)

    Oh, and hubby's sign is just adorable.

  2. Wonderful progress Marlene.


  3. Loving the handmade shed sign.

  4. Your sewing is lovely and I really like the colours. I too love to see birds on the feeders and your garden looks nice. Love the sign :)



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