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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Between the thunder storms

The flowers are beginning to show, beautiful daisy's, yellow rosebuds, just to name a few, everywhere is waking up again, roll on Summer. 
  Both of these are from last year
  I have potted my Blueberry, I love this large pot, the pansies and begonias have been put into my large garden, and both are all are looking well. I will move these pots once I have passed on the toolbox, nothing gets thrown away.
 Paula you asked where the gates from my last post are going to hang, they will hang along the edge here at the start of our garden. At this point our garden is very open, the gap is a bit wider, but we can have a small wall to the left of this photo, so the dustbins can hide behind.
I have been busy with my European Cushion, I decided to do the large pattern, and it has been a nightmare, the second pattern I have unpicked twice, there was a small error in the pattern, which I thought I had put right only to find I was still out. Just one and a half left to do, and then the different colours inside the pattern.
 I don't think it looks too messy, I was cross with all the unpicking. 
Today we have had thunder storms, so I won't have to water the garden, and I am collecting rain water, so for once I don't mind the rain, shame it is fore caste for the Bank Holiday Weekend. I have an extra day off, we get it for the Queens birthday, so after tomorrow I won't be back into work until Wednesday morning.
Monday afternoon I will do my abseil, I am very pleased with the amount I have raised, I have hit my target.
We have few plans for the weekend, everything depends on how wet it is going to be, and I do need a weekend to rest.

Very interesting article on the news regarding age and when are we old, now 80 is the new 60, so I have 21 years before I am officially old. 
On that note, I will leave you, hope you weekend plans are coming together, have fun.


  1. Thank you for a photo . . those gates will look beautiful there ;)

  2. What a pretty cactus Marlene. I hope you enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Good luck for the abseil.



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