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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Adding colour

I have started the next big level, this is another band which goes all around the cushion. I have added the green, it should be the same blue as before, the pattern only has 7 colours, so I am adding to it. 
 It's all looking very neat, which suits my style of stitching.
 My new blueberry and olive are both doing well, they have a place in my green house, I am collecting rain water for the blueberry, I cannot water it using water from the tap, and I got rid of my water butt to make a space for the shed.
 Another free flower, this is on the window sill in the office, 
gives a bit of colour. 
We are busy at work, the CEO is in tomorrow to give an presentation, so today has been about getting the place looking good, tomorrow will be spent looking after all the visitors, so another busy day.
It is trying hard here to rain, and it is windy, we will now have bad weather for a couple of days and into the weekend. I have loads of buckets and bowls at the bottom of the garden to catch the rain.
No real plans, hubby will be home soon and then a night in together.


  1. I love your cross stitching. Must ask do you make the patterns up yourself? They are so beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. The green really does look nice on the new project.



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