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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Green fingers

My Cucamelon is growing slowly, it's healthy but just not a quick grower, this is the bigger of my two plants, and will stay in the greenhouse, the second plant will live outside, I want to see which produces the best crop.  I also have a standard cucumber in this pot, hence so many frames. 
 Tomatoes in the greenhouse, on the left is a yellow fruit and on the right is a baby vine fruit. Nice to see flowers forming, it's cool again, so things are a bit behind. I also have a tomato which grows in a hanging basket, which I don't like, so it is in a pot, on a higher shelf in the greenhouse.
 Flowers are coming along, my garden is just waiting for the warm weather to arrive to burst into flower. 
 My veg tubs, I have loads of little gem lettuce coming through, can't wait for my 1st home grown salad of the year. We have had herbs and salad leaves over the weekend. The carrots and beetroots are forming well, none will be allowed to get huge, it's more about baby veg this year. Two moneymaker tomatoes planted outside in blue tub, these are being grown for chutney.
 These pots are still on the decking, we have almost emptied the tool chest, and hope to see it gone next week. The Blueberry has settled in the blue daisy pot, and I have loads of small olives forming in the brown pot. In the churn pot is a bleeding heart, it's new this year and a bit behind.  The herbs in the garden behind have doubled in size and my onions are looking good.
 Another photo from yesterday, both my daughters were watching me, and cheering when I got to the bottom. I am so pleased they get on well, don't they look beautiful, both are happy.
One last photo from yesterday, yep that's me just over half way down.
I am home alone today, does not happen often, a bonus day. I have been doing nice things, an hour in the garden, a sort out here in my office, this afternoon I will use my sewing machine and later bake a cake for work tomorrow.
It's nice to have the extra day off, we had a perfect weekend, seeing loads of both daughters. Sadly no bike ride, it was too wet, maybe later in the week we can get out.
I'm off now for a long lunch.


  1. A lovely picture of your girls, very beautiful young ladies.

    Lots of lovely things growing in the garden and greenhouse, hope the weather has been better for you than here this past few days!

  2. I guess that little plant just isn't in a hurry!

  3. Those girls are adorable :)



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